Origin: Kuopio, Finland  
Genres: Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: May 7, 2019

De Lirium's Order

Formed in 1998, De Lirium's Order (an odd and interesting band name) isn't quite the typical Finnish band, foregoing the usual black, goth, or melancholic doomdeath often associated with Finland in favor of a healthy dose of deathy thrash metal. The band isn't breaking a lot of new ground here, but the songs are fine, the production is great, and the band delivers. They suffered a huge setback in the spring of 2005 when then-new vocalist Tuoppi was stabbed to death.

Current Members

Kari Olli


S.M. NekroC (Juha Kupiainen)

guitars (Arthemesia)

Vesa Nupponen


Erkki Silvennoinen

bass (ex-Amoral, ex-Omnium Gatherum)

Former Members/Guests

Tommi Hoffren

vocals (ex-Demilich, Deathchain, Jess And The Ancient Ones)

Mynni Luukkainen (guest)


Dr. Lirium


Mika Sundvall


K.E. Pestilence


Er Rasane


Ukri Suvilehto



Victim No. 52  
2004 Woodcut
  1. Sanctuary of Incineration
  2. Abomination
  3. The Art of Butchering
  4. Masterpiece of a Morbid Mind
  5. Victim no. 52
  6. Through the Eyes of a Murderer
  7. Nightmare in Apartment 213
  8. Dr. Lirium Orders: Suffering
  9. Pathologist's Perverse Fantasies
  10. The Sunrise
  • Tommi Hoffren
  • S.M. NekroC
  • Dr. Lirium
  • Er Rasane

2007 Shadow World
  1. Diagnosis: Deranged
  2. Extermination Network
  3. Ad Infinitum
  4. Panzram
  5. Drowned in the World of Delirium
  6. Ebola Instinct
  7. To Walk with the Dead
  8. Thy Flesh Consumed
  9. Abducted
  10. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
  • Mynni Luukkainen
  • S.M. NekroC
  • Dr. Lirium
  • K.E. Pestilence
  • Er Rasane

  1. Autistic Savant
  2. .44
  3. Maximum Sentence
  4. Seppuku
  5. The Gravity of Crime
  6. Schizophrenic
  7. My Kingdom from Baekdu
  8. The Aftermath
  • Kari Olli
  • S.M. NekroC
  • Mika Sundvall
  • Erkki Silvennoinen
  • Ukri Suvilehto

2019 Inverse
  1. I Have Awakened (Intro)
  2. Ayatollah
  3. Singularity
  4. Surfaced
  5. The Billion Year Contract
  6. Acoustic Medley
  7. Orion's Cry
  8. Piazzolla
  9. The End of Time
  • Kari Olli
  • S.M. NekroC
  • Vesa Nupponen
  • Erkki Silvennoinen
  • Ukri Suvilehto

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