Origin: Kuopio, Finland  
Genres: Hard Rock, Occult Rock
Page online: June 8, 2020
Last update/review: June 18, 2021

Jess And The Ancient Ones

Arguably one of the most prototypical and best occult rock bands, Jess And The Ancient Ones formed in Finland in 2010, led by their eponymous frontwoman Jess (just Jess). They debuted in 2012 and over the course of three albums have firmly established their brand of psychedelic trippy occult rock, with the self-titled debut carrying the most metallic weight with a clear NWOBHM influence and 2017's The Horse And Other Weird Tales going full 60's hippie worship. Jess' wonderful vocals, reminiscent of 60's legends such as Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, are the main draw, but the rest of the band support her well, throwing all kinds of retro flair into the mix, with metal really being mostly an afterthought at this point. Even with the lack of a true metal foundation this band is engaging and trippy and just plain fun to listen to.

Current Members



Thomas Corpse (Tommi Hoffren)

guitars (ex-Demilich, ex-De Lirium's Order, Deathchain)

Fast Jake (Jarkko Luomajoki)

bass (Demilich)





Former Members/Guests

Thomas Fiend (Tuomas Karhunen)

guitars (Deathchain)

Von Stroh (Antti Boman)

guitars (Demilich, Deathchain)


Jess And The Ancient Ones  
2012 Svart
  1. Prayer For Death And Fire
  2. Twilight Witchcraft
  3. Sulfur Giants (Red King)
  4. Ghost Riders
  5. The Devil (In G Minor)
  6. Come Crimson Death
  • Jess
  • Thomas Corpse
  • Thomas Fiend
  • Von Stroh
  • Fast Jake
  • Abraham
  • Yussuf

Astral Sabbat  EP
2013 Svart
  1. Astral Sabbat
  2. Long And Lonesome Road
  3. More Than Living
  • Jess
  • Thomas Corpse
  • Thomas Fiend
  • Von Stroh
  • Fast Jake
  • Abraham
  • Yussuf

Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes  
2015 Svart
  1. Samhain
  2. The Flying Man
  3. In Levitating Secret Dreams
  4. The Equinox Death Trip
  5. Wolves Inside My Head
  6. Crossroad Lightning
  7. The Lovers
  8. Goetia of Love
  9. Goodbye To Virgin Grounds Forever
  • Jess
  • Thomas Corpse
  • Thomas Fiend
  • Fast Jake
  • Abraham
  • Yussuf

The Horse And Other Weird Tales  
  1. Death Is the Doors
  2. Shining
  3. Your Exploding Heads
  4. You and Eyes
  5. Radio Aquarius
  6. Return to Hallucinate
  7. (Here Comes) the Rainbow Mouth
  8. Minotaure
  9. Anyway the Minds Flow
  • Jess
  • Thomas Corpse
  • Fast Jake
  • Abraham
  • Yussuf

2021 Svart
  1. Burning Of The Velvet Fires
  2. World Paranormal
  3. Talking Board
  4. Love Zombi
  5. Summer Tripping Man
  6. Born To Kill
  7. What's On Your Mind
  8. Strange Earth Illusion

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