Origin: Kuopio, Finland  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: July 4, 2016


An odd band, this Finnish quartet. Nespithe features impossibly obtuse song titles ("When The Sun Drank The Weight Of Water", "Raped Embalmed Beauty Sleep", to name two -- and several other titles are much longer), very low-pitched gurgled death vocals, and and a constantly changing array of riffs. Though their overall sound has traditional death metal roots, their complex arrangements and musicianship definitely make them stand out from the crowd. At times this uniqueness is quite effective, while at other times the riffs and songs tend to blur, leaving one with the feeling that perhaps a few more standard song structures would tighten up the overall effect. Nespithe was first released on No Fashion Records, then re-released on Necropolis, Pavement, and Repulse. The Repulse version also contains four tracks from their 4 Instructive Tales demo which shows a rougher side of the band. The band broke up soon after Nespithe's release, briefly reformed in 2005 before disbanding again, and then regrouped for a second time in 2014.

Current Members

Antti Boman

guitars/vocals (Deathchain, ex-Jess And The Ancient Ones)

Aki Hytönen


Jarkko Luomajoki

bass (Jess And The Ancient Ones)

Mikko Virnes


Former Members/Guests

Ville Koistenen


Tommi Hoffren

bass (ex-De Lirium's Order, Deathchain, Jess And The Ancient Ones)


1993 Repulse
  1. When the sun drank the weight of water
  2. The sixteenth six-tooth son of fourteen four regional dimensions
  3. Inherited rowel levitation - reduced without any effort
  4. The echo (replacement)
  5. The putrefying road in the nineteenth extremity (...somewhere inside the bowels of endlessness...)
  6. (within)The chamber of whispering eyes
  7. And you`ll remain...(in pieces of nothingness)
  8. Erecshyrinol
  9. The planet that once used to absorb flesh in order to achieve divinity and immortality (suffocated to the flesh that it desired...)
  10. The cry
  11. Raped embalmed beauty sleep
  • Antti Boman
  • Aki Hytönen
  • Ville Koistenen
  • Tommi Hoffren
  • Mikko Virnes

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