Origin: Kuopio, Finland  
Genres: Thrash Metal, Death Metal
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Page online: July 7, 2013
Last update/review: July 7, 2013


There's a bit of intertwining between this band and a similar band called Winterwolf -- the band originally went as Winterwolf, then changed name, then some original Winterwolf members brought that band back to life, so both bands, with some shared members, are active as of this writing. Anyway, Deathchain is essentially a thrash-tinged death metal band, occasionally displaying a more thrashy groove but predominantly in the brutal death metal camp. These guys are arguably one of the better death metal bands to emerge from Finland since the legendary Demilich, which is fitting since some Demilich guys are in this band.

Current Members

K.J. Khaos (Kai Jaakkola)

vocals (guest for Dawn Of Relic)

Cult (Tuomas Karhunen)

guitars (ex-Jess And The Ancient Ones)

Tommi Hoffren

guitars (ex-Demilich, ex-De Lirium's Order, Jess And The Ancient Ones)

Kuolio (Juha Harju)

bass (Ajattara, Shade Empire)



C. Void (Antti Boman)

programming/backing vocals (Demilich, ex-Jess And The Ancient Ones)

Former Members/Guests

Rotten (Tommi Virranta)


Bobby Undertaker



DeadMeat Disciples  
2003 Dynamic Arts
  1. Chaos Wartech
  2. Rabid Vultures
  3. Poltergeist (The Nemesis)
  4. March of the Thousand Legions
  5. Carnal Damage
  6. Undertaker
  7. Skeletal Claws
  8. Carrier of Pestilence
  9. Deadmeat Disciples
  • Rotten
  • Bobby Undertaker
  • Tommi Hoffren
  • Kuolio
  • Kassara
  • C. Void

Deathrash Assault  
2005 Dynamic Arts
  1. Return of the Nemesis
  2. Venom Preacher
  3. Lepra Lord
  4. Graveyard Witchery
  5. Deathrash Legions
  6. Napalm Satan
  7. Panzer Holocaust
  8. Morbid Mayhem
  9. Valley of the Corpses
  • Rotten
  • Bobby Undertaker
  • Tommi Hoffren
  • Kuolio
  • Kassara
  • C. Void

Cult Of Death  
2007 Dynamic Arts
  1. Deathammer
  2. Hour of the Exorcist
  3. Pit of the Possessed
  4. Serpent of the Deep
  5. In the Crypt of Vengeance
  6. Witchstorm
  7. Necrophiliac Lust
  8. Cult of Death
  • K.J. Khaos
  • Bobby Undertaker
  • Tommi Hoffren
  • Kuolio
  • Kassara
  • C. Void

Death Eternal  
2008 Dynamic Arts
  1. Titans of Black Earth
  2. Sworn Beneath
  3. Awaken... Horrors of This Earth
  4. Plaguethrone
  5. Song of Chaos and the Void
  6. The Ancient and the Vile
  7. Monolith of Death
  8. Spheres of Blasphemy
  9. Incantations of Shub-Niggurath
  • K.J. Khaos
  • Tommi Hoffren
  • Kuolio
  • Kassara
  • C. Void

Death Gods  
  1. Storming the Death Gods
  2. Scimitar
  3. The Crawling Chaos
  4. The Lion-Head
  5. We Are Unearthed
  6. The Beyond
  7. Chronic Infection
  8. Howling of the Blind
  9. Cthulhu Rising
  • K.J. Khaos
  • Tommi Hoffren
  • Kuolio
  • Kassara
  • C. Void

Ritual Death Metal  
  1. Voice of Sharur
  2. Stele of the Vultures
  3. Seven Asakku Shadows
  4. Our Lady Under The Earth
  5. King Pazuzu Like Worms Upon The Lands
  6. Tiamat's Eyes Of Death
  7. Abzu Doom

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