Origin: Texarkana, Texas, USA  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: December 15, 2010
Last update/review: December 15, 2010

Astral Luminous

Astral Luminous is a Texan one-man ambient black metal project helmed by one Scott Johnson, with his first album appearing in 2009. Consisting of the relatively short title track followed by three 10+ minute songs, Lunaric Tide captures and defines ambient black metal pretty nicely. The guitar tone is often tinny but biting, the production clearly favors the old-school kvlt style, and Johnson's vocals are of the classic black metal rasp. The ambient side is the more dominant here, particularly on the dreamy, relaxing ending track "Cosmic Dream", while "Astral Luminous" (the song) is a more conventional slow to mid-paced early Norse-inspired tune -- this is not of the blastbeat variety, maybe something closer to, say, Burzum in style.

Current Members

Scott Johnson

vocals/all instruments


Lunaric Tide  
  1. Lunaric Tide
  2. Astral Luminous
  3. Binaural Vibrancy
  4. Cosmic Dream
  • Scott Johnson

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