Origin: Norway  
Genres: Folk Metal
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Page online: November 15, 2004
Last update/review: November 30, 2008


Asmegin formed in 1998, with the goal being to blend black metal with traditional folk melodies. And that's exactly what they have accomplished on their debut Hin Vordende Sod & Sø, the band mixing frenzied black metal with viking and folk influences (the latter accentuated by some fine violin work courtesy of Ram-Zet's Sareeta, now a permanent member of the band), forging a pretty unique and very well-developed style. Guest vocalist Lars Nedland (Solefald, and for a time an official band member here) lends a hand here, his unmistakeable clear voice providing an effective contrast to the traditional black roars of Bjørn Olav Holter. Only one album into their career and this band already has a firm grasp of where they want to go. A fine band indeed.

Last Lineup

Erik Rasmussen


Marius Olaussen


Raymond Håkenrud


Lars Fredrik Frøislie

keyboards (Angst Skvadron)

Former Members/Guests

Bjørn Olav Holter


Tomas Torgersbråten

bass/backing vocals (ex-Urgehal)

Tommy Brandt

drums/backing vocals


Hin Vordende Sod & Sø  
2003 Napalm
  1. Af Helvegum
  2. Bruderov Paa Hægstadtun
  3. Huldradans - Hin Grønnkledde
  4. Til Rondefolkets Herskab
  5. Over Ægirs vidstragte Sletter
  6. Slit Livets Baand
  7. Efterbyrden
  8. Op Af Bisterlitiern
  9. Vargr i Véum - Eilivs Bane
  10. Blodhevn
  11. Valgalder
  • Bjørn Olav Holter
  • Marius Olaussen
  • Raymond Håkenrud
  • Tomas Torgersbråten
  • Tommy Brandt

2008 Napalm
  1. Fandens Mælkebøtte
  2. Hiertebrand
  3. Generalen Og Troldharen
  4. Arv
  5. Yndifall
  6. Gengangeren
  7. Prunkende, Stolt I Jokumsol
  8. En Myrmylne
  • Erik Rasmussen
  • Marius Olaussen
  • Raymond Håkenrud
  • Lars Fredrik Frøislie

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