Origin: Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: July 3, 2011
Last update/review: July 4, 2011


Norwegian black metal bands have been pouring out of the woodworks for years, and many of them are pretty faceless and interchangeable. On the surface, one might lump Urgehal into that group. There's really nothing unique about them at all; not their member names, not their corpsepaint image, not their lyrical stance, and not their rather standard brand of old school black metal. Certainly this is not the one band that might convert a non-believer into a kvlt fan. Yet while they don't do anything remotely original, they actually do the genre proud. The production is a bit raw, but not of the ridiculous awful-on-purpose type, and the songs have bite and venom and hit the right notes. So, not a game-changing band, but certainly one that satisfies the black metal cravings.

Current Members

Enzifer (Thomas Søberg)






Former Members/Guests

Trondr Nefas (Trond Bråthen)

guitars/vocals (ex-Angst Skvadron) RIP: May 14, 2012, age 34



Shregoth (Tomas Torgersbråten)

bass (ex-Asmegin)

Uruz (Jarle Byberg)



Arma Christi  
1997 No Colours
  1. Blood Hunt
  2. The Night Armageddon Comes
  3. Embraced By Cold
  4. The Eternal Eclipse
  5. Conjuring The Hordes Of Blasphemy
  6. Maatte Blodet Flomme
  7. Evocation Of The Satanic Ascendancy
  8. Dethronation Of God
  • Trondr Nefas
  • Enzifer
  • Chiron

Massive Terrestrial Strike  
1998 No Colours
  1. The Sodomizer
  2. The Saturnine Denomination
  3. Supreme Evil
  4. Image Of The Horned King
  5. Tellus Død/Armageddons Suøpe
  6. Apocalyptic Destruction
  7. Flames Of Black Candles

  1. Atomkinder
  2. Nocturnal Revelation
  3. Through The Grace OHell
  4. Nyx
  5. Ripping Corpse (Kreator cover)
  6. Antichrist (Sepultura cover)
  7. Bleed Suffer Die
  • Trondr Nefas
  • Enzifer
  • Uruz

Through Thick Fog Till Death  
2003 Agonia
  1. 666
  2. Possessed (Raped By Evil)
  3. Raise The Symbols Of Satan
  4. Invasion
  5. Through Thick Fog Till Death
  6. Mirror Satan
  7. Satanic Deathlust
  8. Dead Cold December
  9. Død, Død Og Atter Død
  10. Supreme Blasphemy
  11. Mankind Murder
  • Trondr Nefas
  • Enzifer
  • Shregoth
  • Uruz

Goatcraft Torment  
2006 Agonia
  1. Goatcraft Torment
  2. Risus Sardonius
  3. Antireligiøs
  4. Dødsmarsj Til Helvete
  5. Satanic Black Metal In Hell
  6. Nefastus Nex Necis
  7. Gathered Under The Horns
  8. Selvmordssalme
  9. Sentiment Of Chaos
  10. Et Steg Nærmere Lucifer

The Eternal Eclipse  COMPILATION
2007 Agonia
  1. Guds Fortapelse - Apenbaring Av Dommedag
  2. The Moors of Death
  3. We Are Unholy
  4. Demonrape
  5. Serpent Messiah
  6. Nekromisantrop
  7. Veadtuck (VON cover)
  8. The Eternal Eclipse
  9. Bloodhunt

Rise Of The Monument  COMPILATION
2009 Folter

2009 Season Of Mist
  1. Stesolid Self-Destruction to Damnation
  2. Dødelagt
  3. Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer
  4. The Necessity of Total Genocide
  5. Kniven Rider Dypt I Natt
  6. Astral Projection to Rabid Hell
  7. Approaching Doom
  8. Holocaust in Utopia
  9. Sopor Necrosanctus
  • Trondr Nefas
  • Enzifer
  • Mannevond
  • Renton

Death Is Complete  EP
2011 Folter

geath Is Complete  
2016 Season Of Mist
  • Enzifer
  • Uruz

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