Origin: USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: March 26, 2005

August Redmoon

August Redmoon generated a bit of a buzz in their short run but ultimately fell short of greatness. The band managed only one formal release, a 1982 five-song EP titled Fools Are Never Alone which featured a rather basic NWOBHM style, a bit simplistic and dated but showing some promise. Following the release of Fools the band changed name to Terracuda, and later (following some lineup changes) to Eden, by which time they had adopted a more commercial rock sound. That band released an album in 1986 but dissolved soon afterward. A CD version of Fools was released in 2003, with seven bonus tracks supplementing the original five EP songs.

Last Lineup

Michael Henry

vocals (Bongzilla) RIP: August 22, 1998, cancer, age 37

Ray Winslow


Gary Winslow


David Young



Fools Are Never Alone  EP
1982 Metalworks
  1. Fear No Evil *
  2. Soar With The Eagle *
  3. Heavy Metal USA *
  4. Street Boys *
  5. Loud And Proud *
  6. Fighting Mad *
  7. Survival Of The Fittest *
  8. Fools Are Never Alone
  9. Jeckyll n' Hyde
  10. Bump In The Night
  11. We Know What You Want
  12. Don't Stop Me
  • Michael Henry
  • Ray Winslow
  • Gary Winslow
  • David Young

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