Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Goth Rock/Metal
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Last update/review: July 6, 2015

The Bronx Casket Co.

Formed as a side project by Overkill bassist D.D. Verni, and featuring several prominent metal musicians, the excellently-monickered Bronx Casket Company is musically miles away from the thrash of Verni's main band. Instead, the focus on the 1999 debut is dark, gothy metal, sometimes reminiscent of Type O Negative but not quite as heavyhanded. Keyboards and guitars play an equal role in defining a dark, melancholy atmosphere, with Myke Hideous' vocals a perfect fit for this style. Among the tracks on their debut are a fine ballad ("Alone") and a cool, un-thrashy take on Metallica's "Jump In The Fire". They've recorded three more albums between 2001 and 2011 but do not appear to be active now.

Last Lineup

Carlo "D.D." Verni

bass/vocals (Overkill)

Jack Frost

guitars (ex-Metalium, Seven Witches, ex-Speeed)

Charlie Calv


Rob Pallotta


Former Members/Guests

Myke Hideous


Tim Mallare

drums (ex-M.O.D., ex-Overkill, ex-Speed Kill Hate)


The Bronx Casket Co.  
1999 Massacre
  1. Who Lives Forever
  2. Change The World
  3. Mercy Ltd.
  4. No Miracles
  5. Vampire War
  6. I Am God Here
  7. Savior
  8. Alone
  9. Jump In The Fire
  10. The Bad Guy
  • Myke Hideous
  • Carlo "D.D." Verni
  • Jack Frost
  • Charlie Calv
  • Tim Mallare

Sweet Home Transylvania  
2001 Massacre
  1. Jesus Doesnt Live Here Anymore
  2. The Other Me
  3. Sewing the Dead
  4. Sweet Home Transylvania
  5. Black Valentine
  6. Killing Maryjane
  7. Dead For The Moment
  8. Blue Collar Horror
  9. Creeperia
  • Myke Hideous
  • Carlo "D.D." Verni
  • Jack Frost
  • Charlie Calv
  • Tim Mallare

2005 Regain
  1. Little Dead Girl
  2. Everything I Got
  3. Dream Of Angels
  4. Sherimoon
  5. Bleed With Me
  6. Motocrypt
  7. Let My People Go
  8. Free Bird
  9. In My Skin
  10. Can't Stop The Rain
  11. Mortician's Lullaby
  12. Live For Death
  • Myke Hideous
  • Carlo "D.D." Verni
  • Jack Frost
  • Charlie Calv
  • Tim Mallare

2011 eOne
  1. Antihero
  2. Bonesaw
  3. You Look Like Hell
  4. Sally
  5. I Never Loved You Anyway
  6. Holy Mother
  7. I Am No One
  8. Memphis Scarecrow
  9. Selling My Soul
  10. Death On Two Legs
  11. Let Me Be Your Nightmare
  12. NYC (Devil's Playground)
  13. Alive!
  14. My Way
  • Carlo "D.D." Verni
  • Jack Frost
  • Charlie Calv
  • Rob Pallotta

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