Origin: New Jersey, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: March 8, 2007
Last update/review: February 16, 2011

Speed Kill Hate

Speed Kill Hate is the project led by Overkill guitarist Dave Linsk, he forming the group with the intent on playing material not suited to his main band. In short order he had a full band (including two other guys with ties to Overkill) and in 2005 Acts of Insanity was released. Truth be told, the material here isn't that far removed from prime Overkill, though it is generally faster and Mario Frasca's hardcore roar gives the sound a meaner, harsher edge. This is generally enjoyable though a bit samey (Frasca's vocals may be partially responsible for that). Since the release of Insanity Linsk has put together an entirely new lineup.

Current Members

Bob Barnack


Dave Linsk

guitars (Overkill)

Dave Bizzigotti

bass (ex-Ripping Corpse)

Tony Ochoa

drums (ex-Sindrome)

Former Members/Guests

Mario Frasca


Derek Tailer

bass (Overkill)

Tim Mallare

drums (ex-The Bronx Casket Co., ex-M.O.D., ex-Overkill)


Acts Of Insanity  
2005 Listenable
  1. Walls Of Hate
  2. Setting Me Off
  3. Violence Breeds
  4. Slay The Enemy
  5. Won't See Fear
  6. Face The Pain
  7. R. A. W. (Revelation At War)
  8. Not For Me
  9. Repent
  • Mario Frasca
  • Dave Linsk
  • Derek Tailer
  • Tim Mallare

Out For Blood  
2011 Hammerfist
  1. No Remorse
  2. Breeding Hate
  3. Written In Blood
  4. Behind The Mask
  5. Deceiver
  6. Slain
  7. Mark Of Judas
  8. Brotherhood Of Arms
  9. Stains Of Callous
  10. The Cleansing
  • Bob Barnack
  • Dave Linsk
  • Dave Bizzigotti
  • Tony Ochoa

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