Origin: Ramat-Hasharon, Israel  
Genres: Black Metal
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Last update/review: September 12, 2007

Bishop Of Hexen

Bishop Of Hexen formed in 1994 in Israel, and on the strength of a 1995 demo, released their debut album, Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy, in 1997. The style here is best described as atmospheric, symphonic black metal, with clear nods to the old school but not simply following a trend. Keyboards are clearly the dominant instrument here, with guitars relegated to a supporting role, both in terms of the music played and how the instruments are produced and mixed. Lyrically, there is a lot going on, judging from the song titles (apparently this is a concept album, based on a concept written and devised by the band itself), and the compositions are rich. On the down side, the vocals are too screechy and one-dimensional (save the occasional spoken intro), and as they are rather high in the mix, they don't seem to add much. The production in general is not the strong suit here, though of course that's nothing new in black metal.

Since the release of Archives half of the band has left, with the drummer and keyboardist the surviving members. A promo CD, Unveil The Curtain Of Sanity, was released in 2004, and with the signing of a new record deal in 2005, the will release a new album in 2006.

Current Members

Lord Koder


Ariel E.






Prof. Van Helsing


Former Members/Guests



Lord Velkaarn



Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy  
1997 Hammerheart
  1. Crossing the Borders Between Light & Darkness
  2. The Surreal Touch Between Steel & Flesh
  3. Lure My Spelled Emotions
  4. Wading Through Sensuous Journeys
  5. When a Witch Becomes a Pale Bride
  6. Diaries of Primeval Tragedies
  7. To Begin the Quest Towards the Noble Dark Cause
  8. The Fascinating Installment of Triumph
  • Balzamon
  • Lord Velkaarn
  • Dimrost
  • Prof. Van Helsing

The Nightmarish Compositions  
2006 CCP
  1. Unveil The Curtain Of Sanity
  2. Eyes Gaze To A Future Foreseen
  3. A Serpentine Crave
  4. Sleeping By Nightmares
  5. Self Loathing Orchestration
  6. Spiritual Soul Sunset
  7. The Somber Grounds Of Truth
  8. Stride The Corridors Of One's Mind
  9. Velvet Demise
  10. Dreaming...Damentia
  • Lord Koder
  • Ariel E.
  • Seelenfolter
  • Dimrost
  • Prof. Van Helsing

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