Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: December 19, 2008

The Black

The Black is noteworthy for historical reasons, being one band that featured Dissection's They recorded The Priest Of Satan in 1994 (Dissection was active and had recorded by then, so either the two bands were alive simultaneously, or this band existed before Dissection and the album was released posthumously), with the style being a simplistic death/black mixture, with scant keyboard touches and not a lot of variation in the songs. Disbanded for years, the drummer calling himself The Black put together a new lineup, and Alongside Death was released in 2008.

Current Members

D. Forn Bragman


The Black (Markus Pesonen)


Andreas Jonsson

other (Vinterland)

Former Members/Guests

Rietas (Jon Nödtveidt)

vocals/guitars (ex-Dissection, guest for Nifelheim, ex-Ophthalamia) RIP: August 16, 2006, suicide

Leviathan (Marcus Perdersen)



The Priest Of Satan  
1994 Necropolis
  1. The Beast Of Fire
  2. The Book Of Leviathan
  3. Towards The Golden Dawn
  4. The Sign Of The Evil Spirit
  5. Lady Lilith
  6. Black Blood
  7. The Spirit Of Solitude
  8. After My Prayers
  9. The Goat Of Mendes
  10. The Priest Of Satan
  11. The Black Opal Eye
  12. Whirlwinds Through The Land Of Ice
  • Rietas
  • Leviathan
  • The Black

Alongside Death  
2008 Hell's Cargo
  1. On The Descent To Hell
  2. Death's Crown
  3. A Contract Written In Ashes
  4. Dead Seed
  5. Fleshless
  6. Death Throes
  7. The Wrath From Beneath
  8. Alongside Death
  • D. Forn Bragman
  • The Black
  • Andreas Jonsson

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