Origin: Kvicksund, Sweden  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: November 2, 2015
Last update/review: November 2, 2015


This Swedish trio came onto the scene in 1996 with Welcome My Last Chapter, an album that garnered many outstanding reviews, but the band then disappeared for reasons unknown. The album borrows heavily from the early Swedish melodic black/death scene (think early Dissection) with a bit of atmospherics mixed in, and the distant black howls mix well with the melodic guitarwork. The critical acclaim is well-justified, this is a quality album in the genre. Apparently the band did emerge in 2011 for some gigs, and may still be active.

Current Members

D.F. Bragman


Pehr Larsson

guitars/backing vocals

Andreas Jonsson

drums (The Black)


Welcome My Last Chapter  
1996 No Fashion
  1. Our Dawn of Glory
  2. I'm an Other in the Night
  3. So Far Beyond... (The Great Vastforest)
  4. A Castle So Crystal Clear
  5. As I Behold the Dying Sun
  6. Vinterskogen
  7. Still the Night Is Awake
  8. A Vinter Breeze
  9. Wings of Sorrow
  • D.F. Bragman
  • Pehr Larsson
  • Andreas Jonsson

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