Origin: Sweden

No Fashion Records

A now-dissolved Swedish label that dealt in various Swedish extreme metal bands. Several of the seminal releases (such as the early releases by Dissection, Katatonia, and Marduk) were later re-released by Black Lodge.

Band Album Year
Ablaze My Sorrow If Emotions Still Burn 1996
Ablaze My Sorrow The Plague 1997
Ablaze My Sorrow Anger, Hate And Fury 2002
Dark Funeral Teach Children To Worship Satan 2000
Dark Funeral Diabolus Interium 2001
Dissection The Somberlain 1993
Katatonia Dance Of December Souls 1993
Lord Belial Kiss The Goat 1995
Lord Belial Enter The Moonlight Gate 1997
Lord Belial Unholy Crusade 1999
Lord Belial Angelgrinder 2002
Marduk Dark Endless 1992
Mörk Gryning Tusen År Har Gått 1995
Mörk Gryning Return Fire 1998
Mörk Gryning Maelstrom Chaos 2001
Mörk Gryning Pieces Of Primal Expressionism 2003
Ophthalamia Dominion 1998
The Storyteller The Storyteller 2000
The Storyteller Crossroads 2001
Unanimated In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead 1993
Unanimated Ancient God Of Evil 1994
Vinterland Welcome My Last Chapter 1996
Wolf Wolf 2000
Wolf Moonlight 2001
Wolf Black Wings 2002
Wolf Evil Star 2004

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