Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal, Crossover
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In the late eighties this band's album contained stickers which proudly boasted "featuring brothers of Slayer's Tom Araya and Jeff Hanneman". In reality this was only half true -- yes, bassist Johnny Araya is Tom's brother, but the other guy (Joey "Hanneman") in fact was no relation to Jeff, as his real name was Joey Fuchs, and presumably went with the Hanneman name just as a gimmick. In any case, the album in question, Death By A Clothes Hanger, did bear a vague resemblance to early Slayer -- thrash, yes, but this was more of a messy, punky brand of thrash, verging on crossover. They broke up some time after that album, with several of the members reuniting around 2004 (though neither of the two aforementioned guys were involved), though little has been heard from them since.

Last Lineup

Kenneth Loiza


Bobby Tovar


George Hierro


Jas Soto


Jimmy Sotelo


Former Members/Guests

Joey Fuchs


John Araya

bass (Thine Eyes Bleed)


Death By A Clothes Hanger  
1988 Wild Rags
  1. Happilly Married
  2. Son of Sam
  3. Live to Kill
  4. Good Hearted Man
  5. Treatment of Death
  6. Death by a Clothes Hanger
  7. Belligerent Youth
  8. Harassment by Farm Animals
  9. First to Die
  10. Sike-o-Path!
  • Joey Fuchs
  • Bobby Tovar
  • George Hierro
  • John Araya
  • Jimmy Sotelo

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