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Genres: Doom Metal
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Burning Witch

Burning Witch was a short-lived ultra-doom outfit that came into of that band forming the initial nucleus here (one of the three was Greg Anderson, who soon departed to form Goatsnake, and another, G. Stuart Dahlquist, later followed him there). album in terms of track time), followed by Southern Lord Records (the label run by the aforementioned Greg Anderson) essentially combining the two releases as Crippled Lucifer. This is seriously minimalist doom-noise, with sparse riffing, ponderously slow drumming, and mostly tortured screaming from one Edgy 59. SunnO))).

Last Lineup

Edgy 59


Stephen O'Malley

guitars (Khanate, Sunn O))), Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine)

G. Stuart Dahlquist

bass (ex-Goatsnake)

Jamie Sykes


Former Members/Guests




Rift.Canyon.Dreams  EP
1998 Merciless
  1. Warning Signs
  2. Stillborn
  3. History of Hell (Crippled Lucifer)
  4. Communion
  • Edgy 59
  • Stephen O'Malley
  • G. Stuart Dahlquist
  • B.R.A.D.

Towers ...  
1998 Slap A Ham
  1. Sacred Predictions
  2. Country Doctor
  3. Tower Place
  4. Sea Hag
  • Edgy 59
  • Stephen O'Malley
  • G. Stuart Dahlquist
  • Jamie Sykes

Crippled Lucifer  COMPILATION
1998 Southern Lord
  1. Warning Signs
  2. Stillborn
  3. History of Hell
  4. Sacred Predictions
  5. Country Doctor
  6. Tower Place
  7. Sea Hag

2011 Southern Lord
  1. LP1: Towers
  2. LP2: Rift Canyon Dreams
  3. LP3: Bleeder/R.C.D.
  4. LP4: Live At The China Club

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