Origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA  
Last update/review: April 14, 2003

Coup De Grace

Coup De Grace more or less appeared out of nowhere in 1990, with a rather varied debut album that generating some good reviews, with a major magazine predicting future stardom for the band. Despite this, they disappeared from public view for some time, though in fact they did manage to release a second album in Japan in 1995, likened by some to Thin Lizzy in style. Various lineups existed at least up to 1999 and possibly later, most likely relegated to sporadic local gigs.

Band leader James Mecherlie (going under the name Jimmy Coup) joined Andrew WK's band some time ago, but recently (December 2003) announced his departure from that group, and his desire to work again with several previous Coup De Grace members. Whether this signals the return of CDG, or the birth of a new band, is not clear.

Last Lineup

James Mecherie


Steve Wresh

guitars RIP: January 20, 2010, age 45

Kyle Lund

bass (Krown Vega)

Brett Degendorfer


Former Members/Guests

Mark Chaussee

guitars (ex-Fight)

Kurt Gillispie


Tommy Dee


Chris Westling



The Coup De Grace  
1990 Red Decibel
  1. Daylight Dawning
  2. Burning With Optimism
  3. Sad But True
  4. Bombs Away
  5. Me, Myself, & I
  6. 'Til The Bitter End
  7. All Of The Above
  8. Barbed Wire
  9. So Be It
  • James Mecherie
  • Steve Wresh
  • Kurt Gillispie
  • Chris Westling

The Art Of Survival  
1995 ?
  1. Ten Feet Tall
  2. God Given
  3. Helping Hand
  4. It's Only Money
  5. Not For Today
  6. All Fall Dead
  7. Grave World
  8. Bonds That Bind
  9. Warning Signs
  10. Pride Ran Deep
  11. Celtic Song
  • James Mecherie
  • Steve Wresh
  • Kyle Lund
  • Brett Degendorfer

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