Origin: Norway  
Genres: Doomdeath
Last update/review: February 12, 2007

Carpathian Full Moon

Carpathian Full Moon were a basic doomdeath band, featuring somber, melodic riffs augmented by some acoustic guitar and atmospheric keyboards, with more or less generic death vocals. There are some good moments on display (and, admittedly, the album title is pretty good), but in general there's not a lot here that isn't found on other doomdeath albums.

Last Lineup

Henrik Pettersen

drums/vocals (ex-Godsend)

Jorgen Hansen


Endre Begby


Lars Lie


Jon F. Bakker

keyboards (Kampfar)


Serenades In Blood Minor  
1994 Avantgarde
  1. Moonrise...
  2. Caedes Sacrilegae
  3. Above The Pantheon
  4. De Praestigus Daemonium 1563
  5. Serenades In Blood Minor
  6. Mena Glade
  7. Luna Garden
  8. Ggal Hannahh
  9. ...Dawn
  • Henrik Pettersen
  • Jorgen Hansen
  • Endre Begby
  • Lars Lie
  • Jon F. Bakker

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