Origin: England  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: August 12, 2019


A workmanlike death metal band from England, Cancer is notable for recruiting the talents of James Murphy, who has played for many well-known bands in his day, for their second, and probably best-known album, Death Shall Rise. Murphy left after that album, as it was too difficult for him to continue in a British band while living in America, but the rest of the band soldiered on, even winning a major label contract (rare for a death metal band) for their fourth, and ultimately last, album, Black Faith. Most of the material on the first three albums are similar in nature, that being steady, mid-paced, typical death metal, while on Black Faith the death metal influences were toned down a bit, replaced by a more thrash sound. The band broke up soon after that album, but reunited in 2003 with a new lineup, and a new EP, Corporation$, was released in May 2004, with a new album, Spirit In Flames, released in June 2005. However, they again split up in early 2006, though several members, both recent and past, have teamed up in a new band called Hail Of Fire. More recently (October 2007) came the announcement that John Walker had put together a new band called Liquid Graveyard.

Last Lineup

John Walker


Daniel Maganto


Gabriel Valcázar


Former Members/Guests

James Murphy

guitars (ex-Death, ex-Disincarnate, ex-Konkhra, guest for Memorain, ex-Obituary, ex-Testament)

Barry Savage


Rob Engvikson


Dave Leitch


Ian Buchanan


Adam Richardson


Carl Stokes



To The Gory End  
1991 Restless
  1. Blood Bath
  2. C.F.C.(Cancer Fucking Cancer)
  3. Witchhunt
  4. Into The Acid
  5. Imminent Catastrophe
  6. To The Gory End
  7. Body Count
  8. Sentenced To Gallows
  9. Die,Die
  • John Walker
  • Ian Buchanan
  • Carl Stokes

Death Shall Rise  
1993 Restless
  1. Hung,Drawn & Quartered
  2. Tasteless Incest
  3. Burning Casket
  4. Death Shall Rise
  5. Back From The Dead
  6. Gruesome Tasks
  7. Corpse Fire
  8. Internal Decay
  • John Walker
  • James Murphy
  • Ian Buchanan
  • Carl Stokes
1993 Readers' Album #50

The Sins Of Mankind  
1994 Restless
  1. Cloak Of Darkness
  2. E.C.T.
  3. Patchwork Destiny
  4. Meat Train
  5. Suffer For Our Sins
  6. Pasture Of Delight / At The End
  7. Tribal Bloodshed
  8. Tribal Bloodshed (Part 2)
  • John Walker
  • Barry Savage
  • Ian Buchanan
  • Carl Stokes

Black Faith  
1995 East West
  1. Ants (Nemesis Ride)
  2. Who Do You Think You Are
  3. Face To Face
  4. Without Cause
  5. White Desire
  6. Kill Date
  7. Temple Song
  8. Black Faith
  9. Highest Orders
  10. Space Truckin'
  11. I Save Me From Myself
  • John Walker
  • Barry Savage
  • Ian Buchanan
  • Carl Stokes

Corporation$  EP
2004 Copro
  1. Oil
  2. Witch Hunt
  3. Dethroned Emperor
  4. Oxygen Thieves (Remix)
  5. Oil (Remix)
  • John Walker
  • Rob Engvikson
  • Adam Richardson
  • Carl Stokes

Spirit In Flames  
2005 Copro
  1. Insides Out
  2. Mindless Reactions
  3. Spirit In Flames
  4. Hellhouse
  5. Solar Prophesy
  6. Devil’s Playground
  7. Fistula
  8. Séance
  9. Ouija
  • John Walker
  • Dave Leitch
  • Adam Richardson
  • Carl Stokes

Shadow Gripped  
2018 Peaceville
  1. Down The Steps
  2. Garrotte
  3. Ballcutter
  4. Organ Snatcher
  5. The Infocidal
  6. Half Man Half Beast
  7. Crimes So Vile
  8. Thou Shalt Kill
  9. Shadow Gripped
  10. Disposer
  • John Walker
  • Ian Buchanan
  • Carl Stokes

Ballcutter  EP
2019 Peaceville
  1. Ballcutter
  2. All The Curses
  3. Crocodile Itch
  4. Garrotte (demo)
  5. Organ Snatcher (demo)
  • John Walker
  • Ian Buchanan
  • Carl Stokes

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