Origin: England  
Genres: NWOBHM
Page online: June 8, 2004
Last update/review: June 8, 2004


Chateaux was a prototypical Ebony Records band, meaning that they played decent, typical NWOBHM styled metal with somewhat low-budget recording/production values. They managed to recruit Grim Reaper vocalist Steve Grimmett to sing on their Chained And Desperate debut, with his performance a bit more controlled and less histrionic than his later recordings. Two more albums were released, and they were done. Virtually the entire catalog was released on a two-CD collection entitled Fight To The Last, released in 2003 by Sanctuary Records.

Last Lineup

Krys Mason


Tim Broughton


Chris Dadson


Former Members/Guests

Steve Grimmett

vocals (Grim Reaper, ex-Onslaught)

Alec Houston


Andre Baylis



Chained And Desperate  
1983 Ebony
  1. Chained And Desperate
  2. Spirit Of The Chateaux
  3. Burn Out At Dawn
  4. The Dark Surrendered
  5. Straight To The Heart
  6. Baton Rouge
  7. Son Of Seattle
  8. Shine On Freedom
  • Steve Grimmett
  • Alec Houston
  • Tim Broughton
  • Andre Baylis

1984 Ebony
  1. Rock n' Roll Thunder
  2. Roller Coaster
  3. Eyes Of Stone
  4. Hero
  5. Run In The Night
  6. White Steel
  7. Street Angel
  8. V8 Crash
  • Krys Mason
  • Tim Broughton
  • Chris Dadson

Highly Strung  
1985 Ebony
  1. Highly Strung
  2. Turn It On
  3. Hot Touch At Midnight
  4. Phalanx
  5. Chase The Sun
  6. Through The Fire
  7. First Strike
  8. One Too Many
  9. Midnight Star
  • Krys Mason
  • Tim Broughton
  • Chris Dadson

Fight To The Last  COMPILATION
2003 Sanctuary
  1. Young Blood
  2. Fight To The Last
  3. Chained & Desperate
  4. Spirit Of The Chateaux
  5. Burn Out At Dawn
  6. Dawn Surrenered
  7. Straight To The Heart
  8. Baton Rouge
  9. Son Of Seattle
  10. Shine On Forever
  11. Rock N Roll Thunder
  12. Roller Coaster
  13. Eyes Of Stone
  14. Hero
  15. Run In The Night
  16. White Steel
  17. Street Anger
  18. V8 Crash
  19. Highly Strung
  20. Turn It On
  21. Hot Touch At Midnight
  22. Phalanx
  23. Chase The Sun
  24. Through The Fire
  25. First Strike
  26. One Too Many
  27. Midnight Star

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