Origin: Norway  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: January 17, 2015


As most know, Norway is far more well-known for black metal than traditional death metal, but there are some Norwegian bands playing death metal, and Chton is one of them. In some respects Chton isn't terribly different from a lot of other bands in the field, but on the other hand their tendency to stick to mid-paced crunch rather than hyperspeed technicality gives them a slight edge to these ears, particularly when things really come together on tracks such as personal favorite "Enemie" or the closing riffs of "Hammered (Down)". Overall Chtonian Lifecode isn't a perfect album, and it may not even be a great album (too many songs sound too similar), but there's potential here.

Current Members

Craig Furunes


Øyvind Rekdal


Torstein Parelius

guitars (Manes)



Vyl (Vegard Larsen)

drums (Keep Of Kalessin, Subliritum)

Former Members/Guests

Terje Olsen


Vidar Berg

drums (Lumsk)


Chtonian Lifecode  
2004 Retribute
  1. Invitation To Hell
  2. Enemie
  3. Book of Black Earth
  4. Flies to Faeces
  5. Chtonian Lifecode
  6. Unholy Communion
  7. The Horror the Horror
  8. Crawling Chaos
  9. Hammered (Down)
  • Terje Olsen
  • Øyvind Rekdal
  • Torstein Parelius
  • Kenneth
  • Vidar Berg

The Devil Builds  
2012 Godeater
  1. Faustian Resolve
  2. Scavenger Of A Dead World
  3. Gods Of The Flesh
  4. Rise Black God
  5. Death Awaits
  6. Contagion (The Disease)
  7. Lord And Master
  8. Nithon Undertow
  9. Ratbag
  10. Babalon And The Beast Conjoined
  • Terje Olsen
  • Øyvind Rekdal
  • Torstein Parelius
  • Kenneth
  • Vyl

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