Origin: Liverpool, England  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: August 14, 2016
Last update/review: September 1, 2022


Those seeking ultra-heavy, downtuned, sludgey doom, look no further than the aptly-name Conan, a Liverpudlian trio who formed in 2006. Reviewed here is their second full-length album, 2014's Blood Eagle, featuring six crushingly heavy tunes, with vocals that are sparse, less hateful than many sludge bands, and somewhat distantly mixed, which gives the songs a chance to breathe. But it's really all about those riffs -- sure, bands like Electric Wizard or Sleep provide an entry point for Conan's style, but these guys seem just a bit more dynamic. This genre has never been about mass appeal, and thus Conan is unlikely to ever become superstars playing this stuff, but for some, this is what HEAVY metal is all about.

Current Members

Jon Davis


David Riley


Johnny King


Former Members/Guests

John McNulty


Phil Coumbe


Chris Fielding


Paul O'Neill


Rich Lewis


Dan Mullins (guest)

drums (An Axis Of Perdition, ex-Bal-Sagoth, The Deathtrip, My Dying Bride)


Horseback Battle Hammer  EP
  1. Krull
  2. Satsumo
  3. Dying Giant
  4. Sea Lord
  • Jon Davis
  • John McNulty
  • Paul O'Neill

  1. Hawk as Weapon
  2. Battle in the Swamp
  3. Grim Tormentor
  4. Golden Axe
  5. Headless Hunter
  6. Invincible Throne
  • Jon Davis
  • Phil Coumbe
  • Paul O'Neill

Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012  LIVE
2013 Roadburn
  1. Krull
  2. Satsumo
  3. Hawk as Weapon
  4. Battle in the Swamp
  5. Headless Hunter
  6. Sea Lord

Blood Eagle  
2014 Napalm
  1. Crown of Talons
  2. Total Conquest
  3. Foehammer
  4. Gravity Chasm
  5. Horns for Teeth
  6. Altar of Grief
  • Jon Davis
  • Phil Coumbe
  • Paul O'Neill

2016 Napalm
  1. Throne of Fire
  2. Thunderhoof
  3. Wrath Gauntlet
  4. Revengeance
  5. Every Man Is an Enemy
  6. Earthenguard
  • Jon Davis
  • Chris Fielding
  • Rich Lewis

Existential Void Guardian  
2018 Napalm
  1. Prosper On The Path
  2. Eye To Eye To Eye
  3. Paincantation
  4. Amidst The Infinite
  5. Volt Thrower
  6. Vexxagon
  7. Eternal Silent Legend
  • Jon Davis
  • Chris Fielding
  • Johnny King

Live At Freak Valley  LIVE
2021 Napalm
  1. Gravity Chasm
  2. Throne of Fire
  3. Thunderhoof
  4. Battle in the Swamp
  5. Hawk as Weapon
  6. Satsumo
  7. Foehammer
  8. Total Conquest
  9. Revengeance
  • Jon Davis
  • Chris Fielding
  • Dan Mullins

Evidence Of Immortality  
2022 Napalm
  1. A Cleaved Head No Longer Plots
  2. Levitation Hoax
  3. Ritual of Anonymity
  4. Equilibrium of Mankind
  5. Righteous Alliance
  6. Grief Sequence
  • Jon Davis
  • Chris Fielding
  • Johnny King

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