Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: August 3, 2004
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A long-lost (until recently) second-division thrash band, Coven formed in the mid-eighties, and enjoyed some success throughout their three-album career. Blessed Is The Black, their debut reviewed here, had a simplistic but heavy early thrash style and some pretty over-the-top lyrics. By the mid-nineties they were done, but the duo of brothers Dean and Neal Babbitt have put together a new edition of the band in 2012 (now technically called Coven 6669) and may record in the future. Note: no relation to the Detroit band who also went under the name Coven and now is officially Coven 13, nor the 70's act Coven.

Current Members

Jamie Carter


Dean Babbitt


The Underbishop


Eric Close


Neal Babbitt


Former Members/Guests

Jay Clark


Paul Hash


Gary Peebles


Jason Moody



Blessed Is The Black  
1988 Medusa
  1. Blessed is the Black
  2. 6669
  3. Burn the Cross
  4. Out of the Grave
  5. Rock This Church
  6. Iron Dick
  7. The Monger
  8. McDonaldland Massacre
  9. Another Life
  10. Creature of Duty (And My Duty is Death)
  • Jay Clark
  • Paul Hash
  • Dean Babbitt
  • Gary Peebles
  • Neal Babbitt

Death Walks Behind You  
1989 Medusa
  1. Too Late to Pray
  2. Ministry of Lies
  3. Spellbinder
  4. Succubus
  5. Death Walks Behind You
  6. Frozen Bones
  7. Propaganda
  8. Justified Suicide
  9. Ted Bundy
  10. Silent Night (Violent Night)
  • Jay Clark
  • Paul Hash
  • Dean Babbitt
  • Gary Peebles
  • Neal Babbitt

Boneless Christian  
1994 Red Light
  1. Satanic As Hell
  2. F*ckin' A Nun
  3. Just Add Violence
  4. Christsycle / Reaming The Pope
  5. Boneless Christian
  6. Organic God
  7. Master's Tool, The
  8. All This Bleeding
  • Jay Clark
  • Paul Hash
  • Dean Babbitt
  • Jason Moody

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