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Cronos the band was formed by Cronos the man, bassist/vocalist for the legendary Venom, after his departure from that band in the late eighties. With the two replacement Venom guitarists in tow, Cronos decided to pursue a more straightahead metal sound with his new band, rather than continuing the grimy thrash/black sound of his former mates. Cronos' vocals are not radically different from his Venom days, but indeed the songs are more in the classic NWOBHM mold. The band recorded two albums with the original lineup, then reverted to a trio to record the Venom album, a collection of previous Cronos and Venom tracks redone. Also recorded was an album entitled Triumvirate which was never released. By 1997 Cronos the man was back in the reformed Venom and this band was officially laid to rest.

Last Lineup

Cronos (Conrad Lant)

vocals/bass (Venom)

Mike Hickey

guitars/backing vocals (ex-Venom)

Chris Patterson


Mark Ramsey Wharton

drums (ex-Acid Reign, ex-Cathedral)

Former Members/Guests

Jimmy Clare

guitars/keyboards/backing vocals (ex-Venom)


Dancing In The Fire  
1990 Neat
  1. Fantasia
  2. Terrorize
  3. Dancing In The Fire
  4. Speedball
  5. I'll Be Back
  6. Vampyr
  7. Old Enough To Bleed
  8. Painkiller
  9. Boobytrap
  10. Bad Reputation
  11. Hell To The Unknown
  12. My Girl
  13. Chinese Whispers
  14. At War With Satan
  • Cronos
  • Jimmy Clare
  • Mike Hickey
  • Chris Patterson

Rock'n'Roll Disease  
1993 Neat
  1. Featuring:
  2. Messages of War
  3. Rock'n'Roll Disease
  4. Midnite Eye
  5. Lost & Found
  6. Love is Infectious
  7. Sexploitation
  8. Superpower
  9. Aphrodisiac
  10. Sweet Savage Sex
  11. Bared to the Bone
  12. Dirty Tricks Dept.
  • Cronos
  • Jimmy Clare
  • Mike Hickey
  • Chris Patterson

1995 Neat
  1. Superpower
  2. Vampyr
  3. Lost and Found
  4. Fire
  5. 1000 Days in Sodom
  6. Know Evil
  7. Messages of War
  8. 7 Gates of Hell
  9. Painkiller
  10. Babylon
  11. Don't Burn the Witch / In Nomine Satanas
  12. Fantasia
  13. Ye of Little Faith
  14. Satanachist
  15. At War with Satan
  • Cronos
  • Mike Hickey
  • Mark Ramsey Wharton

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