Origin: Germany  
Genres: Rap Metal
Last update/review: February 16, 2002

Declaration Of Dependence

The interestingly-named Declaration Of Dependence was a German power metal band with rap/funk vocals, giving them a slight Rage Against The Machine sound (though they weren't as heavy as RATM). Only World Within A World is reviewed here, the existance of the other two albums was only recently discovered and no other information about the albums or the band is available.

Last Lineup



Kai Pasemann

guitars/vocals (ex-Paradox)

Klaus Lohmaier

bass/backing vocals


drums/backing vocals


1994 HGB
  1. Said It All- But Did Nothing
  2. Failure
  3. Abdominal
  4. You Make Me Laugh
  5. Narrow Distance
  6. Believe It Or Not
  7. Ghetto Of The Rich
  8. Shut Up!
  9. A New Season
  10. Discriminal
  11. Crap It Down
  12. Sad Joker
  13. Participate
  14. Remember Her
  • Klaus Lohmaier

World Within A World  
1996 Under Siege
  1. Thank You
  2. Fire's Only Human
  3. The Switch
  4. Confessions
  5. World Within A World
  6. The Realist
  7. Me, Myself And I
  8. Enemies
  9. Dead End Track
  10. S.O.S.
  11. Cut It Out
  12. Into The Grey
  • Stefan
  • Kai Pasemann
  • Klaus Lohmaier
  • Uwe

Style Rebellion  
1997 Under Siege
  • Klaus Lohmaier

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