Origin: Portugal  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: February 21, 2005


Daemonarch was a one-time side project for most of the members of Moonspell, as a means for the members to branch out from the current Moonspell formula. Indeed, much of Hermeticum might best be described as what Moonspell might have sounded like had they realized more of the black metal tendencies that they showed early in their career. Most of the vocals, and some of the songs, are straight black metal, with occasional touches (keyboards) that remind one of Moonspell. Other songs are a bit more like Moonspell (i.e. less black metal, more gothic) and still others sound like neither Moonspell nor black metal. Quite a good effort for the black metal genre.

Last Lineup

Fernando Ribeiro

vocals (Moonspell)

Ricardo Amorim

guitars (Moonspell)

Sérgio Crestana

bass (ex-Moonspell)

Pedro Paixao

keyboards/samples (Moonspell)


1998 Century Media
  1. Lex talionis
  2. Of a thousand young
  3. Corpus hermeticum
  4. Call from the grave
  5. Saniyaza
  6. Nine angles
  7. Incubus
  8. The seventh daemonarch
  9. Hymn to lucifer
  • Fernando Ribeiro
  • Ricardo Amorim
  • Sérgio Crestana
  • Pedro Paixao

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