Origin: USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: January 22, 2004

Devil Childe

A little-known release from (what was believed at the time) a trio of teenagers. Taking an early- Iron Maiden influence (indeed, the opening song, "Devil Childe", bears a striking resemblance to "Wrathchild") and a great fuzzy guitar sound, the end result was pretty basic stuff (as witnessed by titles such as "Repent Or Die" and "Grave Robber"), that at times was quite cool, and never lacking for energy. Noteable for the quote on the album sleeve (paraphrased, from memory) "And if you think we suck, we do; our girlfriends have big tits". The band never really achieved any fame and presumably disbanded some time after this recording. One for the archives.

In reality, this was an anonymous side project for Joe Hasselvander (Pentagram, and later Raven) ) and Jack Starr, then of Virgin Steele.

Last Lineup

Matthew Hopkins (Joe Hasselvander)

drums/vocals (ex-Blue Cheer, Black Manta, ex-Guardians Of The Flame, ex-Pentagram, ex-Phantom Lord, ex-Raven)

Lucifer (Jack Starr)

guitars (Burning Starr, ex-Guardians Of The Flame, ex-Phantom Lord, ex-Virgin Steele)

Anton Phibes (Ned Meloni)

bass (Burning Starr, ex-Guardians Of The Flame, ex-Phantom Lord)


Devil Childe  EP
1985 Pentagram
  1. Devil Childe
  2. Rain Of Terror
  3. Son Of A Witch !
  4. Repent Or Die !
  5. Thru The Shadows
  6. Grave Robber
  7. Beyond The Grave
  • Matthew Hopkins
  • Lucifer
  • Anton Phibes

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