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Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: December 9, 2004
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Guardians Of The Flame

Guardians Of The Flame is the latest go-around for guitarist Jack Starr, formerly of Virgin Steele (hence the band name, a reference to the classic VS album). Starr has had a moderately successful post-VS career, both leading his previous band Burning Starr as well as releasing several solo albums. 2003's Under A Savage Sky reunites Starr with two old buddies from his past, along with vocalist Shmoulik Avigal, formerly of Horizon and Picture. It's truly hard to believe that this was recorded in 2003 and not 1983, as it has one of the most retro sounds heard in some time (in a good way), bringing to mind any number of classic old American 80's metal bands. But this is hardly a case of young kids aping their idols, as all four members here logged significant time playing metal in the eighties -- Avigal in particular is in spectacular form with his made-for-metal voice. So, nothing in the way of modern metal, but for 80's nostalgists, Under A Savage Sky is a winner.

Last Lineup

Shmoulik Avigal

vocals (ex-Picture, ex-The Rods) RIP: July 30, 2020, cancer, age 60

Jack Starr

guitars (Burning Starr, ex-Devil Childe, ex-Phantom Lord, ex-Virgin Steele)

Ned Meloni

bass (Burning Starr, ex-Devil Childe, ex-Phantom Lord)

Joe Hasselvander

drums (ex-Blue Cheer, Black Manta, ex-Devil Childe, ex-Pentagram, ex-Phantom Lord, ex-Raven)


Under A Savage Sky  
  1. The Flame that Never Dies
  2. Conspiratos Sanctos
  3. Cry for Dawn
  4. Anthem for Nations
  5. Sharon of the Woods
  6. Under a Savage Sky
  7. I Stand Alone
  8. Personal Demons Dethroned
  9. Masters of Fate
  10. Return from the Ashes
  • Shmoulik Avigal
  • Jack Starr
  • Ned Meloni
  • Joe Hasselvander

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