Origin: England  
Genres: Traditional Metal, Hard Rock
Last update/review: March 14, 2015


Having gradually metamorphosed from the 80's band Chariot, Deeds (formerly Dirty Deeds) proudly waved the flag of British metal. As Dirty Deeds, they were the first signing of Beast Records (run by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden), a deserving honor. Real World harkens to the good old days of the NWOBHM, featuring no-frills, uncomplicated anthemic metal that is undeniably British (sounding a bit like Saxon in places, or perhaps a NWOBHM version of AC/DC with gruffer vocals). Neither contemporary nor particularly fancy, but effective nonetheless. Prior to recording their third album Blown, the band decided to shorten their name to Deeds, to reflect a new attitude within the band. With leader Pete Franklin returning to Chariot, and guitarist Richie Faulkner landing the coveted gig in Judas Priest, Deeds is likely done.

Last Lineup

Pete Franklin

vocals/rhythm guitar (Chariot)

Richie Faulkner

lead guitar (Judas Priest)

Tony Newton

bass/backing vocals (KK's Priest)

Dave Cavill

drums (ex-Tank (Tucker/Evans version))

Former Members/Guests

Barry Fitzgibbon

lead guitar/backing vocals


Danger Of Infection  
1997 Beast
  1. Nothing To Lose
  2. Cry Out
  3. Dividing Line
  4. Too Scared To Run
  5. Promised Land
  6. In The Name Of The Law
  7. Call Of The Wild
  8. I Am The One
  9. I'm No Angel
  10. Facing The Enemy
  11. Ruled By The Gun
  • Pete Franklin
  • Barry Fitzgibbon
  • Tony Newton
  • Dave Cavill

Real World  
1999 Beast
  1. Welcome To The Real World
  2. Kill The Pain
  3. Long Way Down
  4. Nightmare
  5. Telepathy
  6. Hell On Earth
  7. Killing Time
  8. Judgement Day
  9. Cyberbabe
  10. Never Give In
  • Pete Franklin
  • Barry Fitzgibbon
  • Tony Newton
  • Dave Cavill

  1. Fragments of a Man
  2. Fire at Will
  3. End of Days
  4. Meet Your Maker
  5. River Run Dry
  6. Valley of the Kings
  7. Loaded Gun
  8. Blood Red Sky
  9. Burning Away
  • Pete Franklin
  • Richie Faulkner
  • Tony Newton
  • Dave Cavill

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