Origin: Oslo, Norway  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: February 27, 2022
Last update/review: February 27, 2022


Bizarro Norwegian trio Diskord have been plying their unique trade since 1999, recording somewhat sporadically along the way (2021's Degenerations is their first record in 7 years, and only their fifth overall). Their style of unhinged, frenzied, experimental death metal is quite refreshing, their songs frequently seeming to careen out of control, yet within the usually short tracks there are real riffs, unique and intense drumming (a random use of cowbell is unexpected yet quite welcome), and a general sense of unbridled lunacy. Soundalikes are hard to come by, maybe at times early Voivod if that band opted to go full-on bonkers death metal, or perhaps someone like Disharmonic Orchestra, another band intent on forging their own odd path through odd riffing and insane drumwork. A surprise and a relevation to these ears, Diskord isn't for the faint of heart, it can be a bit much, but nonetheless a solid recommendation.

Current Members

Eyvind Axelsen

bass/vocals (ex-Defect Designer)

Dmitry Sukhinin

guitars (Defect Designer)

Hans Jørgen Ersvik


Former Members/Guests

Christian Myhre


Espen Hangård


Håvard Østli



Hdfh  EP
  • Eyvind Axelsen
  • Christian Myhre
  • Hans Jørgen Ersvik

  • Eyvind Axelsen
  • Christian Myhre
  • Hans Jørgen Ersvik

  • Eyvind Axelsen
  • Espen Hangård
  • Hans Jørgen Ersvik

Oscillations  EP
2014 Hellthrasher
  • Eyvind Axelsen
  • Håvard Østli
  • Hans Jørgen Ersvik

2021 Transcending Obscurity
  • Eyvind Axelsen
  • Dmitry Sukhinin
  • Hans Jørgen Ersvik

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