Origin: Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
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Page online: February 17, 2012
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The name Demonaz should be familiar to most hardened black metal fans. Along with Abbath, he led the mighty Immortal to glory in the 90's, and thus he can truly be considered one of the early pioneers of Norwegian black metal. He retired from active playing in 1997 due to tendinitis, remaining behind the scenes with Immortal as a sometimes lyricist and band manager. Now, in 2011, he returns to the spotlight with his first solo album, March Of The Norse. Classic Norse black metal this isn't, as this is closer to the Viking period of Bathory, though less epic. A similar work might be the post-Immortal album Between Two Worlds by I, which isn't surprising since Demonaz provided lyrics for that album and the other two guys here also played on that album. There are scattered nods to his past, but by and large this shouldn't be compared to Immortal. To his credit, he's not simply rehashing old Immortal riffs, and the overall vibe here is fine, though there seems to be a lack of variation and urgency in the songs. Overall, a fine first effort, and it's nice to see him back in action.

Current Members

Demonaz (Harald Nævdal)

vocals (Immortal)

Arve Isdal

guitars/bass (Audrey Horne, Enslaved, ex-I, ex-Malignant Eternal, ex-Ov Hell, ex-Trinacria)


drums (ex-I)


March Of The Norse  
2011 Nuclear Blast
  1. Northern Hymn
  2. All Blackened Sky
  3. March of the Norse
  4. A Son of the Sword
  5. Where Gods Once Rode
  6. Under the Great Fires
  7. Over the Mountains
  8. Ode to Battle
  9. Legends of Fire and Ice
  10. Dying Sun [Digipak bonus track]
  • Demonaz
  • Arve Isdal
  • Armagedda
2011 Readers' Album #67

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