Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: February 12, 2007

Dreams Of Damnation

Dreams Of Damnation was first formed as a project featuring guitarist Jim Durkin and well-known drummer Gene Hoglan, both of whom had just finished with Dark Angel. A 7" EP was recorded in 1992 (Hoglan had already left by then), but Durkin shelved the project, semi-retiring from the music business. By 1998 he had the itch again, and put together a power trio that released Let The Violence Begin in 2000. The style here wasn't too far removed from Dark Angel, that being raw, primitive thrash, complemented by Charlie Silva's death/hardcore barks. But this incarnation didn't last long either, as Durkin (after briefly considering joining Hirax, assembled yet another version of the band, featuring leather-lunged female vocalist Loana Valencia (and, at one time, fomer Abattoir mainmain Steve Gaines). A new album was in the works for a number of years, and finally saw the light of day in 2006, entitled Epic Tales Of Vengeance. By this time the band was more death metal than thrash, both due to Valencia's harsh growls (one would never guess that a woman is singing this stuff) as well as the song structures.

Current Members

Loana dP Valencia


Jim Durkin

guitars (ex-Dark Angel) RIP: March 8, 2023, age 58

Rick Alsup

rhythm guitar/vocals

Matt Arner


Matt Hulderman


Former Members/Guests

Charlie Silva


Al Mendez


Miguel Moran



Let The Violence Begin  
2000 Necropolis
  1. Blood To Free A Soul
  2. Unholy Invocations
  3. Cremation Day
  4. Demonic Celebration
  5. Hammer Of Sickness
  6. Release Me
  • Jim Durkin
  • Charlie Silva
  • Al Mendez

Epic Tales Of Vengeance  
2006 self-released
  1. Crimson Vengeance
  2. Kill For Peace
  3. Beyond Salvation
  4. The Bloodletting
  5. New Flesh
  6. Patricide
  7. Eaters Of The Dead
  • Loana dP Valencia
  • Jim Durkin
  • Rick Alsup
  • Matt Arner
  • Miguel Moran

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