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The Devil's Blood

With a name like The Devil's Blood and an apparent penchant for all things Satanic and occult, one could imagine a frosty black metal band or perhaps Sabbath-inspired doom. But this duo, comprised of instrumentalist Selim Lemouchi and sister/vocalist Farida, is anything but that, instead we've got 70's-influenced, pyschedelic quirky hard rock, really quite a trip. Imagine, maybe, mid-period Blue Oyster Cult with vocals by ... someone else mentioned Grace Slick crossed with Ann Wilson, and that's a fair comparison. She's clearly not a typical metal vocalist, but fitting for this atypical band who was only fleetingly metal at best. It's fair to say that this band was as responsible for any for the occult rock mini-boom that took place during their tenure. The band kept a rather low profile during its rather short run, disbanding in 2013 just as people were starting to figure out what they were all about. Selim sadly committed suicide a year later.

Last Lineup

Farida Lemouchi

vocals (guest for Watain)

Selim Lemouchi

guitars RIP: March 5, 2014, suicide, age 33


Come, Reap  EP
2008 Van
  1. Come, Reap
  2. River of Gold
  3. The Heavens Cry Out For The Devil's Blood
  4. White Faces (Rocky Erickson cover)
  5. Voodoo Dust
  • Farida Lemouchi
  • Selim Lemouchi

The Time Of No Time Evermore  
2009 Van
  1. The Time of No Time
  2. Evermore
  3. I'll Be Your Ghost
  4. The Yonder Beckons
  5. House Of Ten Thousand Voices
  6. Christ Or Cocaine
  7. Queen Of My Burning Heart
  8. Angel's Prayer
  9. Feeding The Fire With Tears And Blood
  10. Rake Your Nails Across The Firmament
  11. The Anti Kosmik Magick
  • Farida Lemouchi
  • Selim Lemouchi

The Thousandfold Epicentre  
2011 Van
  1. Unending Singularity
  2. On the Wings of Gloria
  3. Die the Death
  4. Within the Charnel House of Love
  5. Cruel Lover
  6. She
  7. The Thousandfold Epicentre
  8. Fire Burning
  9. Everlasting Saturnalia
  10. The Madness of Serpents
  11. Feverdance
  • Farida Lemouchi
  • Selim Lemouchi

III: Tabula Rasa Or Death And The Seven Pillars  
2013 Van
  1. I Was Promised a Hunt
  2. The Lullaby of the Burning Boy
  3. ...If Not a Vessel?
  4. In the Loving Arms of Lunacy's Secret Demons
  5. Dance of the Elements
  6. White Storm of Teeth
  7. Tabula Rasa
  • Farida Lemouchi
  • Selim Lemouchi

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