Origin: Sweden  
Genres: NWOBHM
Last update/review: February 14, 2006

EF Band

Named for the last initials of the two founding members, the EF Band is usually lumped in with the NWOBHM crowd even though they weren't British (though there is a NWOBHM connection here, as drummer Dave Dufort, brother of Girlschool's Denise and later of Angel Witch, recorded early singles with the band). Last Laugh, the band's first and perhaps best-known album, is a bit of hit-and-miss, featuring a few ordinary NWOBHM rockers along with the excellent speedy title track and the brilliant "Kids", one of the best songs of the era. The band had expanded to a five-piece by the time their third album, the more hard-rockish One Night Stand, was recorded, but they broke up soon afterward. Of trivial interest is one of the earliest appearances by Andy LaRocque, and possibly the only one where he goes by his real name of Anders Allhage.

Last Lineup

Roger Marsden


Bengt Fischer

guitars/vocals RIP: April 5, 2001, cancer, age 49

Anders Allhage

guitars (ex-Death, ex-Illwill, King Diamond, ex-X-World/5)

Pär Ericson


Dag Eliason


Former Members/Guests

John Ridge

vocals RIP: March 4, 2003, cancer, age 50


The Last Laugh  
1981 Polydor
  1. Last Laugh Is On YTou
  2. Kids
  3. Love Is For Heroes
  4. Hard Liquer And Women
  5. Money Makin' Mama
  6. Fight For Your Life
  7. We're Back
  8. Anything For You
  • Bengt Fischer
  • Pär Ericson
  • Dag Eliason

Deep Cut  
1982 Neon
  1. Love Is A Game
  2. Child Of Innocence
  3. Is Anybody There
  4. Sail Away
  5. Tonight's Alright
  6. Big Talker
  7. Trinity
  8. Through The Enemy Line
  9. Right On Time
  • John Ridge
  • Bengt Fischer
  • Pär Ericson
  • Dag Eliason

One Night Stand  
1985 Mausoleum
  1. Gimme Just A Little Rock n' Roll
  2. One Night Stand
  3. Out Of The Dark
  4. Calling In The Night
  5. Maria Rosa (Hungry For Love)
  6. Big Shot
  7. Cold Heart Of The City
  8. Toll Of The Bell
  • Roger Marsden
  • Bengt Fischer
  • Anders Allhage
  • Pär Ericson
  • Dag Eliason

Their Finest Hours  COMPILATION
  1. Last laugh is on you
  2. Kids
  3. Love is for heroes
  4. Hard Liqueur and women
  5. Money makin mama
  6. Fight for your life
  7. We're back
  8. Anything for you
  9. Love is a game
  10. Child of innocence
  11. Is anybody there
  12. Sail away
  13. Tonight's alright
  14. Big talker
  15. Trinity
  16. Through the enemy lines
  17. Right on time
  18. Gimme just a little rock and roll
  19. One night stand
  20. Out in the dark
  21. Calling in the night
  22. Marie Rosa ( Hungry for love )
  23. Big shot
  24. Cold heart of the city
  25. Toll of the bell
  26. Hard hot & heavy
  27. Danger Zone
  28. Self made suicide
  29. Sister syne
  30. Devils eye
  31. Comprende
  32. On the run
  33. Fighting fo rock'n roll
  34. The last laugh is on you
  35. Remember you

Live At The Mudd Club In Gothenburg 1983  
  • John Ridge
  • Bengt Fischer
  • Pär Ericson
  • Dag Eliason

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