Origin: Finland  
Genres: Black Metal
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Last update/review: May 17, 2010

Enochian Crescent

Enochian Crescent is a somewhat odd Finnish black metal band, whose sound is at its core familiar (modern black metal, not the old-school kvlt variety) yet with a rather unique style that is hard to pinpoint. The band formed in 1995 and their first three releases (two albms and an MCD) interestingly all containing the cryptic phrase "Telocvovim" in the title. At times the band sounds somewhat similar to fellow Finns ... And Oceans, though in general these guys have a fairly original sound.

Current Members

Drakh Wrath (Janne Kuru)


Victor Floghdraki (Karri Suoraniemi)

guitars/backing vocals

Ville Lamminaho


Tuomas Tunturituuli




Former Members/Guests



Michael Apofis (Mikko Hannuksela)


Mathias Palmroth


Harald Tannin (Harry Kessunmaa)


Dr. Von Pfosforus (Mika Hyytinen)


Generis (Kai Hahto)

drums (guest for Agressor, Nightwish, ex-Rotten Sound, ex-Swallow The Sun, ex-Trees Of Eternity, Wintersun)

Grief Kadmos (Jani Martikkala)

drums (ex-... And Oceans)


1997 Woodcut
  1. Kun Ihmisliha Itki
  2. Closed Gates Of Tomorrow (The Cold Forest)
  3. Crescentian Under Autumn Trees
  4. Arma I P ‘Lad’ Sa Madriaax
  5. Wolf Among Sheep
  6. A Dream Of Basaltic Submarine Towers Of Titanic Proportions And Nightmare Angles
  7. Afar (The Age Of Dust)
  8. When Tears Run Dry
  9. Bonedancer
  10. Black Flame Of Satan Burning
  • Drakh Wrath
  • Victor Floghdraki
  • Harald Tannin
  • Generis

Babalon Patralx De Telocvovim  EP
1998 Avantgarde
  1. Pestilence And Honey
  2. Vabzir Camliax
  3. Thirteen Candles
  4. Mortiferum Of Ptormaire Malaise
  5. A. Mathilde
  • Drakh Wrath
  • Victor Floghdraki
  • Eappa
  • Harald Tannin
  • Generis

Omega Telecvovim  
2000 Avantgarde
  1. Oceans On The Dry Land
  2. Abaiuonin
  3. Transversary
  4. ‘Tis The Sound Of Tempest That Drowns Us Out
  5. Ye Crystall Sphears
  6. Igne Natura Rewovatur Integra
  7. Väkisinkastettu
  8. De Siatris Od Teloch
  9. Grey Skin
  • Drakh Wrath
  • Victor Floghdraki
  • Michael Apofis
  • Harald Tannin
  • Grief Kadmos

Black Church  
2006 Woodcut
  1. Tatan
  2. Tango Absinto
  3. Chalk Face
  4. Thousand Shadows
  5. Ghost of Saturn
  6. The Imperfect Vision
  7. Hendekagrammaton
  8. Tridents Clash
  9. Black Church
  • Drakh Wrath
  • Victor Floghdraki
  • Mathias Palmroth
  • Dr. Von Pfosforus
  • Bolton

2010 Woodcut
  1. Lyijysiipi
  2. Mato Musta Maanalainen
  3. Muisto Sorkasta
  4. Ystävämme Nukkuu
  5. Golgotha
  6. Omega Nefilim
  • Drakh Wrath
  • Victor Floghdraki
  • Ville Lamminaho
  • Tuomas Tunturituuli
  • Bolton

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