Origin: Italy  
Genres: Industrial
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Ensoph is a rather enigmatic Italian combo who formed in 1997 and have recorded several diverse albums over the last decade plus. Their earlier work was more in the avant-garde gothic metal vein, but on Rex Mundi X-Ile the techno/industrial influences are the driving force behind the music, bringing to mind bands such as The Kovenant, Korova, or even Marilyn Manson. The arrangements are quite busy, at times seeming as if they are trying to force too much into an individual song. The odd techno cover of Alice In Chains's "Would?" is novel and interesting, though probably not to AIC fans. Ensoph is not going for an easy or traditional listen, their music is dense and at times unapproachable, but Mundi in particular might be a good fit for the techno crowd.

Current Members

N-Ikonoclast (Nicola Favaretto)


Xraphæl (Giuliano Marzola)


KKTZ (Massimo)


Next-X@nctum (Leonardo Castelleni)


Xenos (Zenone)


Former Members/Guests








Les Confessions Du Mat  EP
1997 No Brain
  1. Venice (Only Moonbeam Lilies For A Venetian Rose)
  2. Silence Told Me A Lie
  3. My Gloomy Glare
  • Patrizia
  • Mahavira
  • Xraphæl
  • Next-X@nctum
  • Xenos

Bleeding Womb Of Ananke  
2001 Beyond
  1. Shattered Void
  2. The Spyral Stigmata
  3. I (Be & Will Be
  4. Tanz der Erinnerung
  5. In The Blossom Of Inertness
  6. Aletheia Amber Shrine
  7. The Ivory Ouroboros
  8. The Bleeding Womb Of Ananke
  9. 7 Volte 3 (E´Un Sole Ermetico)
  • N-Ikonoclast
  • Xraphæl
  • KKTZ
  • Next-X@nctum
  • Anna
  • Xenos

Opus Dementiae - Per Speculum Et In Aenigmate  
2004 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Jaldaboth At The Spring Of Time
  2. In The Flesh (Visione Della Passione)
  3. Sophia's Fall
  4. Faith Defeat
  5. Salmo A Nessuno
  6. White Lamb Seducer (40 Days & 40 Nights)
  7. Lies Of The Mirror Which Lies Not
  8. Sun Of Liar
  9. Proudly Divine (Ink & Mirrors & Empty Tombs)
  10. Sophia's Fall (Sophies Welt RX)
  • N-Ikonoclast
  • Xraphæl
  • KKTZ
  • Next-X@nctum
  • Anna
  • Xenos

Project X-Katon  
2006 Cruz Del Sur
  1. In the Name of Freedom
  2. Condemned (In the Penal Colony)
  3. Kirillow's Bullet (Aleksjej Nilyc: A Russian Trilogy Pt. 1)
  4. D-Generation
  5. Icons in the Dust
  6. Un Petalo di Pietà
  7. Getsemani
  8. The Source Becoms Desert
  9. Holy Bleeds (Rodian Romanyc: A Russian Trilogy Pt.2)
  10. Pain, Pride and Regret
  11. Leaving No Trace Behind (Ivan Karamazov: A Russian Trilogy Pt. 3)
  12. In the Name of Freedom (Reprise)
  • N-Ikonoclast
  • Xraphæl
  • KKTZ
  • Next-X@nctum
  • Anna
  • Xenos

Rex Mundi X-Ile  
2009 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Evil Has Found a Servant
  2. Dance High & Shine, Shiva!
  3. Shame On You!
  4. Splendour & Majesty
  5. In Cinere et Cilicio
  6. The Whore & the Ashetist
  7. Thir(s)ty Pieces of Silver
  8. I Hear a Voice
  9. 9Xs
  10. Disciplina Arcani (Un Canto per Lesilio)
  11. Ho Visto Dio
  12. Would?
  • N-Ikonoclast
  • Xraphæl
  • KKTZ
  • Next-X@nctum
  • Xenos

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