Origin: Austria  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
Last update/review: March 6, 2016


Formed in 1990 in Austria, Korova is one of those bands that truly defies any real description, the sort of band that begs to be referred to as "avant-garde". The band debuted in 1995 with A Kiss In The Charnel Fields (not reviewed here, but reportedly a bit disjointed), but it's Dead Like An Angel that's the real find here. A wide variety of disparate styles are weaved together, with death/black influences abounding, and vocal styles ranging from vicious black shrieking to operatic female tones to Arcturus-style post-black theatrical voices. As with other unconventional bands, this is not an easy listen and not everything works, but nevertheless this is an outstanding album, and highly recommended to left-field metallists.

Following the release of Dead Like An Angel, mainman Christof Niederwieser and drummer Moritz Neuner split from the other members to form a new band (in interviews, Niederwieser basically stated that Korova had to be destroyed). That band was, appropriately enough, known as Korovakill. After one album there, Niederwieser made another change, essentially going solo, with his latest project called Chryst.

Last Lineup

Martina Hornbacher

vocals (ex-Alas, ex-Dreams Of Sanity)

Christof Niederweiser

vocals/guitars/keyboards (ex-Chryst, ex-Korovakill)

Herwig Huber


Florian Oberlechner


Susanne Eckbauer


Moritz Neuner

drums (ex-Abigor, ex-Atrocity, ex-Dornenreich, ex-Darkwell, ex-Enid, ex-Evenfall, ex-Golden Dawn, ex-Korovakill, ex-Leaves' Eyes)

Former Members/Guests

George Razerberger


Michael Kroll



A Kiss In The Charnel Fields  
1995 Napalm
  1. Intro: Der Weltenbrand / Das Kreuz Und Der Metzenapfel
  2. After The Fruits Of Ephemeral Pulchritude
  3. Lachrydeus Mittelgard (Slahan Fontagr Inn Aw I)
  4. Entlebt In Tristem Morgenblut
  5. Intro: Im Teich Erlischt Ein B Chlein
  6. Awakening From Perpetual Contemplation (Yellow Mahogany Tomb. I)
  7. Latin Dreams In Turpentine
  8. Nordsciltim - In The Filth Where All Cull Perambulates Pain
  9. Salømeh, Des Teufels Braut
  10. A Kiss In The Charnel Fields
  • Christof Niederweiser
  • George Razerberger
  • Michael Kroll
  • Moritz Neuner

Dead Like An Angel  
1999 Napalm
  1. Europa In Flammen
  2. Strangulation Alpha
  3. Our Reality Dissolves
  4. Trip To The Bleeding Planets (Unto The Light)
  5. Dead Like An Angel
  6. Echoworld Caravans
  7. Der Schlafmann Kommt
  8. Tantra-Nove-HyperCannibalism
  • Martina Hornbacher
  • Christof Niederweiser
  • Herwig Huber
  • Florian Oberlechner
  • Susanne Eckbauer
  • Moritz Neuner

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