Origin: Austria  
Genres: Eclectic Metal, Black Metal
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Page online: July 17, 2016
Last update/review: July 17, 2016


Chryst is the latest venture for mainman Christof Niederwieser, who previously led Korova and that band's successor Korovakill. Another way to look at this is Korova/Korovakill minus everyone else, as Niederwieser is all alone here but following the same blueprint as his former bands, which is eclectic, quirky, avant-garde extreme metal, here represented as one 47-minute song which is the 2011 album PhantasmaChronica. To these ears, the work would have been better served by breaking up the song in parts, as there are plenty of interesting parts to seek out even though sitting through the entire album is a bit trying. Even though this album gets a thumbs up, it could be said that the execution doesn't live up to the potential of what Niederwieser was goingn for. He has always kept a rather low profile, and as such it's hard to tell if he's still working under the Chryst name (though at this point that seems a bit unlikely).

Last Lineup

Christof Niederweiser

vocals/all instruments (ex-Korova, ex-Korovakill)


2011 Omniversal
  1. The Awakening
  2. I Are You
  3. Leaving the Ashes
  4. Storming Outside
  5. The Surge Lands
  6. Universe Inverse
  7. A New Age
  8. Metatropolis
  9. The NovoPharus - The ChronoMagus
  10. The Drill-Tower
  11. Templum Tempus
  12. Grow into Labyrinths
  13. The Architect Maze
  14. Back in the Room
  • Christof Niederweiser

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