Origin: Austria  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
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Korovakill was essentially the continuation of Korova, formed when the core duo of that band teamed up with keyboardist Renaud Tschirner, he of another interesting band in Elend. Though it was stated in interviews that this was an entirely new band, the direction of the album here, Waterhells, closely follows the last Korova album, that being an eclectic black/gothic mixture with assorted vocal styles and influences. Apart from sounding like the previous band Korova, this is pretty difficult to describe, and not an easy album to fully grasp. As with Korova, those into the oddball metal bands of the world will like Waterhells. At some point mainman Christof Niederweiser decided enough was enough here as well, and switched gears again. His latest project is called Chryst.

Last Lineup

Christof Niederweiser

vocals/guitars/keyboards (ex-Chryst, ex-Korova)

Renaud Tschirner


Moritz Neuner

drums (ex-Abigor, ex-Atrocity, ex-Dornenreich, ex-Darkwell, ex-Enid, ex-Evenfall, ex-Golden Dawn, ex-Korova, ex-Leaves' Eyes)


1999 Napalm
  1. Birth
  2. Waterhells
  3. Drown Symphony
  4. Into The Underwhirls
  5. The Bleeding Lap Of Undines
  6. Blue Thrones
  7. All Statues Leave Their Stones
  8. The Shadowhordes
  9. It`s A Fool`s World
  10. Lord Golden Blizzard
  11. Within The Sunstorm
  12. Through Neptune`s Broken Nets
  • Christof Niederweiser
  • Renaud Tschirner
  • Moritz Neuner

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