Origin: Bolzano, Italy  
Page online: June 17, 2017
Last update/review: June 17, 2017


Evenfall is an Italian combo who formed in 1996 and released two albums and an EP, the last album (2002's Cumbersome) reviewed here. The style is predominantly gothic metal with some more modern nods, with three vocals styles on display, these being a rather scratchy death/black bark, an occasional death growl (both by Ansgar Zöschg, perhaps), and then the wonderful melodic female vocals of Roberta Staccuneddu (comparisons to fellow Italians Lacuna Coil have been made but seem unwarranted). The band seems a bit unfocused, as it's not clear what style the band is most comfortable with (witness the many lineup changes as a possible explanation), in particular the vocals seem at odds with the music. As of this writing (December 2014) the band hasn't recorded in over a decade and their online presence is marginal at best, not sure if this band is still around.

Last Lineup

Ansgar Zöschg


Ivan D'Alia


Alan Geier


Raia Vito


Former Members/Guests

Roberta Staccuneddu


Eric Treffel

guitars (ex-Graveworm)

Boban Milunovic


Chris Espen


Roland Wurzer

bass (Darkwell)

Melis Cakic


Max Boy


Moritz Neuner

drums (ex-Abigor, ex-Atrocity, ex-Dornenreich, ex-Darkwell, ex-Enid, ex-Golden Dawn, ex-Korova, ex-Korovakill, ex-Leaves' Eyes)

Victor Ivanovic



Evenfall  EP
  1. Cospectu Mortis
  2. Fear
  3. Opus XIII
  4. Into the Crypt
  5. Shadows
  • Ansgar Zöschg
  • Ivan D'Alia
  • Eric Treffel
  • Chris Espen
  • Moritz Neuner

Still In The Grey Dying  
1999 Century Media
  1. Forbidden Tales
  2. Black Bloody Roses
  3. Garden of Sadness
  4. Still in the Grey Dying
  5. Fall from Grace
  6. Frozen Misery
  7. Evenfall
  8. Sails of Charon
  9. Dark Is the Season
  10. In Between Days
  • Ansgar Zöschg
  • Ivan D'Alia
  • Roland Wurzer
  • Max Boy
  • Victor Ivanovic

2002 Century Media
  1. Rawish
  2. Frontloader
  3. Dogma
  4. Entre Dos Tierras
  5. In Absentia Christi
  6. Overcast Sky
  7. Cumbersome
  8. Vangelis Mundi
  9. Unworshipped
  10. Conspectu Mortis II
  • Ansgar Zöschg
  • Roberta Staccuneddu
  • Ivan D'Alia
  • Boban Milunovic
  • Melis Cakic
  • Max Boy
  • Victor Ivanovic

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