Origin: Kingston, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: June 17, 2003
Last update/review: March 15, 2011

Eternal Suffering

Drowning In Tragedy is a pretty intense slice of brutal death metal from Massachusetts' own Eternal Suffering. All the trademarks of old-school gore-infested death metal are here, from the low gurgly vocals (accentuated by the occasional high-pitched shriek) to the down-tuned twisted riffing to the impressive blast beats from the drummer. They do vary the pace, seemless alternating from hyperspeed blasts to slow grungy riffing, though there's little in the way of proper song structure here, most of the songs being rather haphazard sets of disjointed riffs strung together. Still, a pretty intense album. They have since disbanded.

Last Lineup

Bill Cazeault


Chris Glover


Brian Evans


Jon Landolfi


Chad Connell


Former Members/Guests

Wayne Sarantopoulos

vocals (ex-Ghoulgotha)


Drowning In Tragedy  
  1. Midnight's Embrace
  2. My Once Shadowed Desire
  3. Drown In The Candle's Flame
  4. Let The Dark Waters Flow
  5. The Warmth In Her Torment
  6. Trail Of Blood To The Altar
  7. Love Can Never Conquer Hate
  8. Buried Under Blackened Tears
  9. Rise
  10. To Sadness, Betrothed
  11. T.T.P.
  • Wayne Sarantopoulos
  • Chris Glover
  • Brian Evans
  • Chad Connell

The Echo Of Lost Words  EP
  1. Her Scars Are Mine
  2. The Death In Your Eyes
  3. In Silence
  4. The Forever Curse
  5. Echo of Lost Words
  6. Disgorging The Corpse
  • Bill Cazeault
  • Chris Glover
  • Brian Evans
  • Jon Landolfi
  • Chad Connell

Recollections Of Tragedy & Misery  COMPILATION

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