Origin: Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
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Last update/review: January 18, 2015


Throughout the years only a handful of bands employ their drummer as lead vocalist (Exciter was one of the most well-known examples of such a band in the eighties), and Enthral is one of a very few black metal bands doing it, led by their drummer Kjetil Hektoen (also the drummer for Crest Of Darkness). A solid black metal band, Enthral occupy the middle ground of metal groups, as they are neither wholly original in their approach nor are they faceless, unoriginal clones. Subterranean Movement doesn't stray too far from conventional black metal boundaries, but it is a satisfying and interesting album.

Current Members

Kjetil Hektoen

drums/vocals (ex-Crest Of Darkness)

Gunnhild Bratset


Kai Åsvik


Former Members/Guests

Espen Simonsen


Ronny Hansen


Martin Rafoss


Stian Aarstad

keyboards (ex-Dimmu Borgir)


Prophecies Of The Dying  
  1. Salig Er Den Som Lir
  2. Prophecies of The Dying - kundalini (serpent power)
  3. Prophecies of The Dying - part II
  4. A Divine Tragedy
  5. Enchanted By The Serpent Spell
  6. Thy Passionate Despair
  • Kjetil Hektoen
  • Gunnhild Bratset
  • Martin Rafoss

The Mirror's Opposite End  
  1. When The Sky Touched The Earth
  2. In Passion Swept
  3. Weltschmerz
  4. The Sins of Man
  5. Salvation Mother
  6. Monochrome
  7. The 9th Sphere
  8. Call of The Horned Piper (The Sabbat Song)
  9. The Leper Play
  • Kjetil Hektoen
  • Gunnhild Bratset
  • Espen Simonsen
  • Martin Rafoss
  • Stian Aarstad

Subterranean Movement  
2003 Displeased
  1. Earth left behind
  2. Death immaculate
  3. Inject hate
  4. Subterranean movement
  5. Our Justice be Done
  6. To the bone
  7. Slaves of one tongue
  8. Charge of the I
  • Kjetil Hektoen
  • Gunnhild Bratset
  • Ronny Hansen
  • Martin Rafoss

Spiteful Dirges  EP
  1. Death To You All
  2. Celebration Of Agony
  3. A Spiteful Dirge
  • Kjetil Hektoen
  • Gunnhild Bratset
  • Kai ├ůsvik

2012 Duplicate
  1. Obtenebrate
  2. The Gospel of Woe
  3. Lay Waste the Crops
  4. Pallbearer
  5. Sepulchre
  6. On to the Never
  7. The 7th Wave
  8. Within the Tomb
  9. Fields of Death
  10. Death's Drum

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