Origin: Denmark  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: July 13, 2022


Evil debuted in 1984 with the Evil's Message, a decent speed metal disc for the day and one that's earned some praise from nostalgic fans. That iteration of the band didn't last long, disbanding a year later, but years later (around 2007) a reformation of sorts was announced, and Shoot The Messenger was released to little fanfare, with drummer Freddie Wolf (now handling all instrumentation save vocals) the only original member left. Apparently another breakup and reformation ensued, with Wolf (now the guitarist) bringing together a full band for 2022's Book Of Evil.

Current Members

Martin Steene

vocals (Artillery, ex-Force Of Evil, Iron Fire)

Freddie Wolf (Freddie Pedersen)


Nikolaj Ihlemann


Jakob Haugaard

bass (Iron Fire)

Henrik Molin


Former Members/Guests

Pearl Angel (Per Hansen)


Søren Adamsen (guest)

vocals (ex-Artillery)

Claus Balling


Claus Balling


Kim Xmas (Kim Jul)

guitars RIP: November 29, 2019, age 57

Pete Hurricane (Peter Larsen)


Bob Thunder (Jan Knudsen)



Evil's Message  EP
1984 Rave-On
  1. Evil's Message
  2. Evil
  3. The Devil Wants Me
  4. Son of the Bitch
  5. Take Good Care (Of Your Balls)
  • Pearl Angel
  • Kim Xmas
  • Pete Hurricane
  • Freddie Wolf

Shoot The Messenger  
2015 Mighty Music
  1. It's Here
  2. Darker Side of Mother Nature
  3. Shoot the Messenger
  4. I Could Be Your Hero
  5. Big Show
  6. Keep it True
  7. Move
  8. World War 666
  • Søren Adamsen
  • Freddie Wolf

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