Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: July 19, 2004
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Force Of Evil

Despite the fact that Mercyful Fate has been an active band since their return to the scene in 1993, MF guitarist Hank Shermann always seems to be able to find time for side projects and bands to play in (two such projects were Gutrix and Virus 7). Force Of Evil paired Shermann with his old MF guitarist pal Michael Denner (who, unlike Shermann, had left MF some time ago), alongside a rhythm section made up of guys well known to MF or King Diamond fans, and topped by respected Iron Fire vocalist Martin Steene. Of all the non-MF bands that Shermann has played in, Force Of Evil might be the one with the style closest to Mercyful Fate, though it's not a perfect fit -- the style here was clearly rooted in traditional metal, though more upbeat than the darker tones of MF, and Steene sounds nothing like King Diamond, his style also more in line with traditional 80's metal vocalists. This isn't a revolutionary album, but it's solid, with excellent guitar work by Shermann and Denner, and thus far a hit with European fans. Typical of Shermann's side project, Force Of Evil lasted a few years and two albums, closing with Black Empire in 2005.

Last Lineup

Martin Steene

vocals (Artillery, Evil, Iron Fire)

Hank Shermann (Rene Krolmark)

guitars (ex-Brats, ex-Denner/Shermann, ex-Demonica, ex-Gutrix, Mercyful Fate, ex-Virus 7, ex-Zoser Mez)

Michael Denner

guitars (ex-Brats, ex-Denner/Shermann, ex-King Diamond, ex-Mercyful Fate, ex-Zoser Mez)

Hasse Patino

bass (ex-King Diamond, ex-Maltese Falcon, ex-Pretty Maids)

Bjarne T. Holm

drums (ex-Gutrix, Mercyful Fate, ex-Virus 7)


Force Of Evil  
2003 Diamond
  1. Dawn Of Dominion
  2. Hell On Earth
  3. Mindbreaker
  4. Eye Of The Storm
  5. Misery Man
  6. Samhain
  7. The Calling
  8. Fountain Of Grace
  9. Demonized
  10. Under The Blade
  11. Eternity
  • Martin Steene
  • Hank Shermann
  • Michael Denner
  • Hasse Patino
  • Bjarne T. Holm

Black Empire  
  1. Black Empire
  2. Back To Hell
  3. Cabrini Green
  4. Death Comes Crawling
  5. The Sinister Show
  6. Days Of Damien
  7. Disciples Of The King
  8. Beyond The Gates
  9. Hobbs End
  10. Dead In Texas
  11. Vorhees Revenge
  12. S.O.S.
  • Martin Steene
  • Hank Shermann
  • Michael Denner
  • Hasse Patino
  • Bjarne T. Holm

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