Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: July 4, 2015

Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate emerged from Denmark in the early 80's to become one of the most important metal bands of the decade. Characterized by the unique, wailing operatic vocals of one King Diamond (real name Kim Bendix Peterson), openly Satanic lyrics, and crushing riffs by the guitarist duo of Hank Shermann and Michael Denner, the band's first two full-length albums (Melissa and Don't Break The Oath) are essential 80's metal classics, with their lyrical stance causing quite the controversy at the time. But their reign on top was short-lived, as King's Satanic views weren't shared by the rest of the band, and Shermann's desire to play a different form of music forced the breakup of the band around 1985. Diamond took Denner and bassist Timi Hansen with him and formed his own group, King Diamond, while Shermann formed a hard rock band called Fate. Several years later, Shermann and Denner hooked up in a little-known project called Zoser Mez, which may well have precipitated getting Mercyful Fate back together, which they finally did in 1993, featuring all of the original members except drummer Kim Ruzz. In the 90's and early 2000's both King Diamond (the band) and Mercyful Fate co-existed, with the bands sort of taking turns releasing albums and touring, and the lineups for both bands mutating frequently. As of this writing (2015), Mercyful Fate, having not recorded since 1999, is inactive though not formally disbanded, with King leaving open the possibility of new life for the band in the future.

Last Lineup

King Diamond (Kim Bendix Petersen)

vocals (King Diamond)

Hank Shermann (Rene Krolmark)

guitars (ex-Brats, ex-Denner/Shermann, ex-Demonica, ex-Force Of Evil, ex-Gutrix, ex-Virus 7, ex-Zoser Mez)

Mike Wead (Mikael Wikström)

guitars (ex-Abstrakt Algebra, Hexenhaus, King Diamond, ex-Maninnya Blade, ex-Memento Mori)

Sharlee D'Angelo (Charles Andreason)

bass (Arch Enemy, ex-Dismember, ex-Illwill, The Night Flight Orchestra, ex-Sinergy, Spiritual Beggars, ex-Witchery)

Bjarne T. Holm

drums (ex-Force Of Evil, ex-Gutrix, ex-Virus 7)

Former Members/Guests

Michael Denner

guitars (ex-Brats, ex-Denner/Shermann, ex-Force Of Evil, ex-King Diamond, ex-Zoser Mez)

Timi Hansen (Timi Holm)

bass (ex-King Diamond) RIP: November 4, 2019, cancer, age 61

Kim Ruzz


Snowy Shaw

drums (ex-Denner/Shermann, guest for Dimmu Borgir, ex-Dream Evil, ex-Illwill, ex-King Diamond, ex-Memento Mori, ex-Notre Dame, guest for Opera Diabolicus)


Mercyful Fate  EP
1982 Rave-On
  1. A Corpse Without Soul
  2. Nuns Have No Fun
  3. Doomed By The Living Dead
  4. Devil Eyes
  • King Diamond
  • Hank Shermann
  • Michael Denner
  • Timi Hansen
  • Kim Ruzz

1983 Roadrunner
  1. Evil
  2. Curse of the Pharaohs
  3. Into the Coven
  4. At the Sound of the Demon Bell
  5. Black Funeral
  6. Satan's Fall
  7. Melissa
  • King Diamond
  • Hank Shermann
  • Michael Denner
  • Timi Hansen
  • Kim Ruzz
1983 Readers' Album #3

Don't Break The Oath  
1984 Roadrunner
  1. A Dangerous Meeting
  2. Nightmare
  3. Desecration of Souls
  4. Night of the Unborn
  5. The Oath
  6. Gypsy
  7. Welcome Princess of Hell
  8. To One Far Away
  9. Come To the Sabbath
  • King Diamond
  • Hank Shermann
  • Michael Denner
  • Timi Hansen
  • Kim Ruzz
1984 Readers' Album #3

In The Beginning  
1987 Roadrunner
  1. Doomed By The Living Dead
  2. A Corpse Without Soul
  3. Nuns Have No Fun
  4. Devil Eyes
  5. Curse Of The Pharoahs (Live BBC Recordings)
  6. Evil (Live BBC Recordings)
  7. Satan's Fall (Live BBC Recordings)
  8. Black Masses

Return Of The Vampire  
1992 Roadrunner
  1. Burning The Cross
  2. Curse Of The Pharaos
  3. Return Of The Vampire
  4. On A Night Of Full Moon
  5. A Corpse Without Soul
  6. Death Kiss
  7. Leave My Soul Alone
  8. M.D.A.
  9. You Asked For It
1992 Readers' Album #56

In The Shadows  
1993 Metal Blade
  1. Egypt
  2. The Bell Witch
  3. The Old Oak
  4. Shadows
  5. A Gruesome Time
  6. Thirteen Invitations
  7. Room Of Golden Air
  8. Is That You Melissa?
  9. Return Of The Vampire (1993)
  • King Diamond
  • Hank Shermann
  • Michael Denner
  • Timi Hansen
  • Snowy Shaw
1993 Readers' Album #9

1994 Metal Blade
  1. Nightmare Be Thy Name
  2. Angel Of Light
  3. Witches' Dance
  4. The Mad Arab
  5. My Demon
  6. Time
  7. The Preacher
  8. Lady In Black
  9. Mirror
  10. The Afterlife
  • King Diamond
  • Hank Shermann
  • Michael Denner
  • Sharlee D'Angelo
  • Snowy Shaw
1994 Readers' Album #17

Into The Unknown  
1996 Metal Blade
  1. Lucifer
  2. The Uninvited Guest
  3. The Ghost Of Change
  4. Listen To The Bell
  5. Fifteen Men (And A Bottle Of Rum)
  6. Into The Unknown
  7. Under The Spell
  8. Deadtime
  9. Holy Water
  10. Kutulu (The Mad Arab Part II)
  • King Diamond
  • Hank Shermann
  • Michael Denner
  • Sharlee D'Angelo
  • Bjarne T. Holm
1996 Readers' Album #42

Dead Again  
1998 Metal Blade
  1. Torture (1629)
  2. The Night
  3. Since Forever
  4. The Lady Who Cries
  5. Banshee
  6. Mandrake
  7. Sucking Your Blood
  8. Dead Again
  9. Fear
  10. Crossroads
  • King Diamond
  • Hank Shermann
  • Mike Wead
  • Sharlee D'Angelo
  • Bjarne T. Holm
1998 Readers' Album #34

1999 Metal Blade
  1. Last Rites
  2. Church of Saint Anne
  3. Sold My Soul
  4. House on the Hill
  5. Burn in Hell
  6. The Grave
  7. Insane
  8. Kiss the Demon
  9. Buried Alive
  10. 9
  • King Diamond
  • Hank Shermann
  • Mike Wead
  • Sharlee D'Angelo
  • Bjarne T. Holm
1999 Readers' Album #6

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