Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: June 4, 2002


Exorcist was one of those obscure one-album wonders, the kind of band that comes out of nowhere, releases a decent album, and then disappears without anyone really knowing anything about them. Released in 1986, Nightmare Theatre is lyrically a bit on the cheesy side, with plenty of witch burnings and other satanic/occult references, but musically their pre-thrash, speed metal style was pretty decent.

As it turns out, this was another of those secret project bands, this one led by Virgin Steele's David DeFeis and unleashed by the same folk who came up with two other fake bands, Piledriver and Convict. Exact details on Exorcist are hard to come by. There are reports that Exorcist was a real band, that collapsed in the studio during the records of the album, and DeFeis (originally hired as producer) finished the project on his own. More likely it was probably just another attempt by some record execs to make some money, and DeFeis (and who else, no one seems to know) were hired for the job. It is not known whether any of the names listed on the album are real or not. Regardless of what's really true, Nightmare Theatre is a pretty enjoyable album that harkens back to the good old days of 80's underground metal.

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Last Lineup

Damian Rath


Marc Dorian


Jamie Locke


Geoff Fontaine



Nightmare Theatre  
1986 Cobra
  1. Black Mass
  2. The Invocation
  3. Burnt Offerings
  4. The Hex
  5. Possessed
  6. Call For The Exorcist
  7. Death By Bewitchment
  8. The Trial
  9. Execution Of The Witches
  10. Consuming Flames Of Redemption
  11. Megawatt Mayhem
  12. Riding To Hell
  13. Queen Of The Dead
  14. Lucifers Lament
  15. The Banishment
  • Damian Rath
  • Marc Dorian
  • Jamie Locke
  • Geoff Fontaine

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