Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Genres: 80's Metal
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Last update/review: July 4, 2023


In 1985 an unknown band called Piledriver burst onto the metal scene, with an over-the-top image (just check out the ridiculous album cover), tacky lyrics ("Sex With Satan", "Alien Rape", etc), but also a surprisingly well-executed power/thrash style. Metal Inquisition was just plain great fun to listen to, one of those guilty pleasures that one could both smile at and headbang to at the same time. Some time later, the followup, Stay Ugly, appeared, and was quite a disappointment, as the production and songwriting were both below average, and the style had shifted a bit toward messy thrash. The band soon disappeared without a trace.

Years later, the Piledriver story was told. Pile Driver himself (real name Gord Kirchin) tells how the idea of the band came from a record exec who basically just wanted to make a quick buck. The band, as such, never really existed at all, as Kirchin was only hired to do vocals for two separate studio projects (which explains why the two albums differed as much as they did), with all the names made up (though with member names like Former Lee and Knuckles Akimbo, that wasn't hard to figure out), as was virtually everything else about the band. After the Piledriver efforts, Kirchin got involved in another similar band (Convict) before later putting together his own band in DWJ, and in the intervening years worked sporadically on a solo career.

Fast forward to 2005, and Piledriver was back, with Kirchin assembling a new crew (a real band this time) to relive past glories and by 2008 a studio album (Metal Manifesto) was released, still featuring the outrageous tackiness that the band was always known for. He disbanded that effort a year later, and then recruited members from the local band Spewgore to comprise yet another version of the band, now officially called The Exalted Piledriver. That version of the group released a live album in 2011, and lasted until some time before Kirchin's passing in 2022.

Last Lineup

Pile Driver (Gord Kirchin)

vocals (ex-Convict, ex-Dogs With Jobs) RIP: September 22, 2022, lung cancer, age 60

Tom Cheapness (Steve Macpherson)


Steele McFearsome (Ken Gibson)


Hank Momscraper (Mark Macpherson)


Former Members/Guests

Leslie Howe


Edward Pursino

guitars (Virgin Steele)

Kinky Pork Cream (Mark Anthony)


Mike Paccione


Lobo Elf Schnort


Robert Espizito


Glace Frothfritter



Metal Inquisition  
1985 Cobra
  1. Metal Inquisition
  2. Sex With Satan
  3. Sodomize The Dead
  4. Witch Hunt
  5. Pile Driver
  6. Human Sacrifice
  7. Alien Rape
  • Pile Driver
  • Leslie Howe

Stay Ugly  
1986 Cobra
  1. The Incubus
  2. Metal Death Racer
  3. The Fire God
  4. Chaos
  5. The Warning
  6. The Lord Of Abominations
  7. Flowers Of Evil
  8. The Executioner
  • Pile Driver
  • Edward Pursino
  • Mike Paccione
  • Robert Espizito

Metal Manifesto  
  1. Bloodbath
  2. I Am The One
  3. Metal Manifesto
  4. The Last Day Of The Weak
  5. Volatile
  6. When I Saw Your Face
  7. Battle Axe
  8. God You're Stupid II
  9. Unsuck My Cock
  10. The Things I Give
  11. Road Pigs
  • Pile Driver
  • Kinky Pork Cream
  • Lobo Elf Schnort
  • Glace Frothfritter

Night Of The Unpolished Turd  LIVE
  1. The Story So Far
  2. Alien Rape
  3. Piledriver
  4. Metal Inquisition
  5. Unsuck My Cock
  6. Metal Manifesto
  7. I'm the One
  8. Sex With Satan
  9. Witch Hunt
  10. Last Day of the Weak
  11. The Executioner
  12. The Fire God
  • Pile Driver
  • Tom Cheapness
  • Steele McFearsome
  • Hank Momscraper

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