Origin: Canada  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: January 3, 2006


At the time of its release, Convict's Go Ahead ... Make My Day arrived without much fanfare, as did many an indie record in the eighties. It was only after many years that it was revealed that this was yet another fake band, brought to you by the same folks responsible for Piledriver and once again featuring Gord Kirchin on vocals, here going under the name Terry "The Con" Browning. Unlike Piledriver's thrash leanings, Convict opted for a straightfoward metal approach, with simplistic mid-tempo songs that at times approached radio-friendly ("When Your Dreams Are Over"). Kirchin's vocals are instantly recognizable to anyone who's heard Piledriver, and as such are just fine, but the pedestrian songwriting puts this album in the mediocre category.

Last Lineup

Terry Browning (Gord Kirchin)

vocals (ex-Dogs With Jobs, ex-Piledriver) RIP: September 22, 2022, lung cancer, age 60

Conrad Taylor


Kim Kennedy


Vic Bradley



Go Ahead ... Make My Day  
1985 Cobra
  1. Evil Eyes
  2. Manic Obsession
  3. Edge Of The Sword
  4. Bloodsucker
  5. Bite The Hands That Feeds You
  6. Metal Warriors
  7. When Your Dreams Are Over
  8. Don't Turn Away
  • Terry Browning
  • Conrad Taylor
  • Kim Kennedy
  • Vic Bradley

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