Origin: France  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: October 25, 2022


Normally the name of a band is not the focus on a site such as this, but in this case an exception must be made. It clearly says something about the difference between the current metal cultures of Europe and America, where in France a band can call themselves Fairyland and actually expect to be taken seriously. Apparently the band previously tried some other names, only slightly better (Fantasy, Fantasia) before settling on their present monicker. On to the music ... Fairyland specializes in bombastic, symphonic, keyboard-driven metal (at times the guitars seem almost buried beneath the swirling keyboards), often reminiscent of Rhapsody Of Fire (indeed, Fairyland does sound like any number of Italian bands playing this style), with vocals courtesy of former Dark Moor singer Elisa Martin. Martin is a rarity among female singers in metal, most of whom specialize either in softer, more angelic vocals (Tarja Turunen et. al.), or, in a few cases, opt for the other extreme of death-ish growls (Angela Gossow, Karyn Crisis). Elisa Martin, on the other hand, is a classic Euro power metal vocalist who just happens to be female. (Update: she has since been replaced.) Her vocals fit the music perfectly, while the backing male choirs, though technically well performed, are a bit overdone. In general, Fairyland's songwriting is sometimes adventurous in a good sense, and sometimes overly grandiose in a bad sense. Clearly the target audience here is European, and those into Rhapsody-styled symphonic music with a fantasy bent will like this band. But, that name ...

In July 2007 the entire band, save founder Phillipe Giordana, departed to pursue their own project. Giordana retained the Fairyland name, proclaiming that the band was now formally a solo project. He passed away in October 2022, presumably ending the group.

Last Lineup

Francesco Cavalieri


Sylvain Cohen


Philippe Giordana

keyboards/backing vocals RIP: October 21, 2022, age 44

J.B. Pol


Willdric Levin

drums/backing vocals

Former Members/Guests

Elisa Martin

vocals (ex-Dark Moor, ex-Dreamaker)

Max Leclercq


Marco Sandron


Anthony Parker

guitars/backing vocals

Chris Menta

guitars (Aska)

Thomas Cesario


Fabio D'Amore

bass (Serenity)

Pierre-Emmanual Desfray



Of Wars In Osyrhia  
2003 Arise
  1. Intro
  2. Ride With The Sun
  3. Doryan The Enlighted
  4. The Story Teller
  5. Fight For Your King
  6. On The Path To Fury
  7. Rebirth
  8. The FellowShip
  9. A Dark Omen
  10. The Army Of The White Mountains
  11. Of Wars In Osyrhia
  • Elisa Martin
  • Anthony Parker
  • Philippe Giordana
  • Willdric Levin

The Fall Of An Empire  
2006 Napalm
  1. Endgame
  2. The Fall Of An Empire
  3. Lost In The Dark Lands
  4. Slaves Forlorn
  5. The Awakening
  6. Eldanie Uellë
  7. Clanner Of The Light
  8. To The Havenrod
  9. The Walls Of Laemnil
  10. Anmorkenta
  11. In Duna
  12. The Story Remains
  13. Look Into Lost Years
  14. Across The Endless Sea
  • Max Leclercq
  • Anthony Parker
  • Philippe Giordana
  • Thomas Cesario
  • Pierre-Emmanual Desfray

Score To A New Beginning  
2009 Napalm
  1. Opening Credits
  2. Across The Endless Sea Part II
  3. Assault On The Shore
  4. Leviathan
  5. A Soldier's Letter
  6. Godsent
  7. At The Gates Of Morken
  8. Rise Of The Giants
  9. Score To A New Beginning
  10. End Credits
  • Marco Sandron
  • Chris Menta
  • Philippe Giordana
  • Fabio D'Amore
  • Willdric Levin

2020 Massacre
  1. The Age of Birth
  2. Across the Snow
  3. The Hidden Kingdom of Eloran
  4. Eleandra
  5. Heralds of the Green Lands
  6. Alone We Stand
  7. Hubris et Orbis
  8. Mount Mirenor
  9. Of Hope and Despair in Osyrhia
  10. The Age of Light
  • Francesco Cavalieri
  • Sylvain Cohen
  • Philippe Giordana
  • J.B. Pol
  • Willdric Levin

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