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Fischel's Beast

Fischel's Beast is the project lead by Barry Fischel, onetime guitarist for the 80's speed/thrash band Sentinel Beast, and in fact their first album, Commencement, consists of songs written by Fischel back in the late 80's, intended to be on the second Sentinel Beast album. That never happened, as the band dissolved in the early nineties, with Fischel initially retiring from music, then getting into blues, before the old metal bug bit him again. Indeed, the material here does sound like late-80's speed metal, though with a more modern production -- a promising debut from a band with some good potential.

Current Members

Anthony Cross

vocals (Seven Witches)

Barry Fischel

guitars (ex-Sentinel Beast)

Eric Mauriello


Ed Klinger



2009 StormSpell
  1. Commencement
  2. Forbidden Territories
  3. The Phoenix
  4. One Man's Cry
  5. Fate of Kings
  6. Where Am I
  • Anthony Cross
  • Barry Fischel
  • Eric Mauriello
  • Ed Klinger

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